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Scarlet Scarab

Female. Lives in  Canterlot,  Equestria.
Halfling (Pony/changeling hybrid)
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Scarlet Scarab
Name: Scarlet Scarab Age: 22 Race: Half changeling half unicorn. Gender: Female. S/O: Both mares and stallions welcome~ Likes: The party. Dislikes: Those who ask too many questions. Looking for: Only ...View More
Destia Dash Sparkle
Slash Lancer
“...” Slash just stayed silent, not wanting to embarrass himself.
Scarlet Scarab
She'd give him a look that could best be described as the Metal Gear bright red exclamation. His attempts at hiding were less than successful.
Slash Lancer
“......” As Scarlet looked at him, his face turned slightly red.
Scarlet Scarab
She would narrow her eyes at him, before booping him and snickering.
Slash Lancer
His muzzle would recoil a bit with a bit more blushing.
He taps the mare onto her muzzle "Meh! enjoy your love"
Scarlet Scarab
She would go crosseyed for a moment before booping him back.
Scarlet Scarab
Love me
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Bubble Berry
Loves her.
Scarlet Scarab
Offering is acceptable. Horsefly is pleased.
Bubble Berry
Bubble berry is pleased.
Demonic H. Hooves
Alicorns don't get love, they get beatings, banishment's, blood letting and bitch slapped. the four b's if you will
Scarlet Scarab
Oh you hush
Scarlet Scarab
Scarlet did a thing. She was now running in fear of said thing.
and  liked this
Dream beats up the thing relentlessly for scaring a cute horse.
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