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(Future King) Artemis

Male. Lives in Canterlot Castle,  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on April 13, 1992
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(Future King) Artemis
Time to repeat ideas? Let's repeat ideas. Time to see if things have changed. What voice do you give Artemis? I shall judge heavily.
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Give me a phrase to imagine he saying. And the I'll pretend I know what people sound like
(Future King) Artemis
"Miss Eri? Care to explain why you are in my kitchen?.....With a meat eating plant no less?" See what you get out of that.
I hear the adults from Peanuts
A hybrid of Green Goblin Willem Dafoe and Two-Face Tommy Lee-Jones
(Future King) Artemis
Yeah I can see that. Or rather..hear that.
polo fastter
that old black and white movie villain from the westerns
Might be weird but for me it's Giyuu from [Demon slayer]
(Future King) Artemis
Sub or Dub?
Lesa Castle
Oof, I can't remember the voice I gave him when you first asked this. XD I also can't remember the voice you gave Lesa. ;w;
Carmine Gumshoe
the parrot from Aladdin
Gilbert Gottfried's go-to voice
Stardusk Strider
I can't really pin a particular person, but the voice sounds regal, yet dominant at the same time, befitting to a powerful being of hierarchy
Prince Bolero
David Schwimmer