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Rover Wonder

Male. Lives in  Equestria. Born on April 12, 1998
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Rover Wonder
And a Happy New Year to you all!!!! =D
Rover Wonder
Happy Heartswarming eve to all, friends and strangers!!! =D
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Bright Brave
Happer dapper
Rover Wonder
/Heyo, here's Rauld's picture as promised! (Sorry for the second post, couldn't get the image to show in my introduction's comments)
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very studious\
Rover Wonder
Here to do good work!\
A very good boi <3
Rover Wonder
/Character Introduction/ Ready to depart from his land for the first time in what seems to be forever, a young dragon reads his convocation. Name: Emerauld /"I told them to write 'Rauld'... heh, wha...View More
Rover Wonder
Yay bandwagons! For the few that would care, what voice do you give Rover when reading my rare and inconsistent posts (mostly comments)?
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Bright Brave
Like a space robot
Rover Wonder
Hmm, quite interesting...
Huma Valentino
Huma looks up and squeaks "Sweet Ombre look!!" she points sharply at the small mistletoe overhead. "Lancey~!!" She calls out with a giggle " Come here!"
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Rover Wonder
Lance approaches, unsure about what's so great about a mistletoe. "What is it,dear?" He asks noticing a paper in his pocket. He reads a message accompanied by a winky face. 'you go for it, bro! -Rov' "Wait what?"
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