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Ambient Waves
by on August 16, 2019
Welcome to Ambients cannon progression, where it's finally time I laid some of the ground work for a much bigger project in Ambients life.
It's time for some canon posting for a while, as I must now do character development. There are 3 possible timelines that can happen. All of it is based on how everyone.. Yes everyone interacts with her for the next few posts depending on how most deal with it. Example: 60% kill someone. That's majority so that will happen ect.
. What are these timelines? Well
The Chaos timeline - Zephyr or Griffin wins or stalemate.
Peace timeline - Passive route in keeping peace.
Passive choices but can always break off into other timelines easily.
The Grief timeline - Only bad news from here on out for Ambient.. The mix of peace and war that can drive one mad.
Enjoy playing along and altering her future.. All ground work has been set.
Chiller Sway
Imagine caring for a blog so much that you fill in the topics
Ambient Waves
All my important blogs have topics..fpr stories or such like this to make it easy to find everything intead of searching though a clustra frick of blogs I have.