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by on September 11, 2020
The sun rose high over the clouds of Las Pegasus, the bright yellow ball, cresting the various buildings of the metropolis with a large reach. Orange hues met the skies as Flam Flimflam sat at a tea shop of the city, relaxing temporarily, and with slight tiredness before he would begin todays work. He sat back and sighed, wearing an old brown cardigan, and simply taking a break from this fast paced, never-ending life of his. he breathed in for a moment, the fact that he already no doubt, had pil...
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by on August 16, 2019
Welcome to Ambients cannon progression, where it's finally time I laid some of the ground work for a much bigger project in Ambients life. It's time for some canon posting for a while, as I must now do character development. There are 3 possible timelines that can happen. All of it is based on how everyone.. Yes everyone interacts with her for the next few posts depending on how most deal with it. Example: 60% kill someone. That's majority so that will happen ect. . What are these timelin...
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