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Prince Artemis
by on November 15, 2019
Prince Artemis just couldn't take his eyes away. No matter how hard he really tried. He just couldn't understand it. How could such a beautiful creature be made with his help? A beautiful mare that is sure to grow up and take on the world. A mare that may be fierce and clever, but at the moment was sound asleep. Lilith Moon, a precious mare that is to be growing up too fast for him already. Watching her sleep seemed to bring peace to him, but also. It seemed to bring back a special memory.
Prince Artemis: " can't be serious about this. I didn't bring the wine to that party. I don't need a punishment."
Queen Haru: "No of course, you didn't my child. However....a sixteen year old like yourself shouldn't have been at that party in the first place. Actually, if I recall, I remember your Father instructing you not to go."
Prince Artemis: "But Brother was going. So it was only fair that I go to."
Queen Haru: "Yes, but your Brother isn't sixteen, Arty. However, curious that you bring up your brother. By chance did he not try to stop you from going?"
Prince Artemis: "............."
Queen Haru: "Well it's good to know that you aren't a TattleTeller. However, I wish that you didn't cross your Father as much as you often do. There are somethings that you just gotta listen to. He is your Father after all. As well as I am your Mother. We give instruction for your safety."
Prince Artemis: "I only rebel against him because of how he brought me up...."
Queen Haru: "Really?...So what you are saying is because of the way your Fathered has raised you, it's why you have a rebellious spirit about you? Well let's try to view things from a different perspective. Example: If Your Father and I had decided to spoil you as true royalty? Provide for you everything that you ever wanted when asked and let you do whatever you wanted with no repercussions? You would have six wives by now, which it over the limit of five that I'd allow by the way, all baring your child while you try to balance your Royal Schooling and cut into your Prince Funds to support them. Now if your Father decided to treat you as if you didn't exist? Give you no sort of instruction, but never provide in any sort of way? Well you'd run away from home, try to prove a point in what royalty really is, but at the end of the day crawl back to your parents for support when you needed it.
Prince Artemis: "......So....where am I exactly right now?..."
Queen Haru: "You are the result of two parents that just want what's best for their two handsome sons. They do everything they can to guide them into being proper gentlecolts and world changers. However...they allow them to experience things for themselves. Make mistakes. And when those mistakes are made? To learn from them. Because at the end of the day, you'll end up growing up eventually. And when that happens? We have no right to tell you what to do. So it's our hope that when you are an adult? That you can make adult decisions. We can raise you to look at a certain path, but it will be your job to follow that path."
Prince Artemis: "So...if you both are just trying to help....Why do I always feel like I need to rebel?"
Queen Haru: "Because, My Precious Moonpie~ That is just who you are. But you won't understand what I'm saying yet. You'll understand it one day. When you have children of your own? And you raise them in the ways to make them be world changers? You'll wonder to yourself why they make stupid decisions. And only then will you realize the answer."
Prince Artemis: "So since it's in my nature to rebel?....I'm not in trouble?"
Queen Haru: "Oh no you still are. You are cleaning the kitchen tomorrow and helping with dishes along with maids. No flirting allowed though. Needs to be a punishment."
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Amethyst the Hippogriff
You have a limit of 5 and you're only at one? Prince need to step up his game
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Wyatt wouldn't mind finding out Ammy's limits I mean what
Lesa Castle
They would have to survive Lesa first. ;3 Don't go breaking my heart. Totally good song too.