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by on January 19, 2020
This is a planned spoof i had of the mane 6, in the knight wolf timeline.
This would include
Flam, Foundation of Loyalty
I think we all know this fellow
Leslie Fair, Foundation of Fairness
Leslie fair is a rough and oftentimes not very simple mare to pin down. But she is often the one with the clearest head, and most objective reasoning of the world. She is very skilled with mathematics and fighting, but when it cones down to socialisation she is very much bad at it, and often pushes folks away with her gruff demeanor.
Crabby Bucket, Foundation of Hospitality
Crabby is a resturaunt owner in Las Pegasus. He is a short round stallion, and is very much the kind of pony you would want in a tine of need. He is very generous and kind to everypony he meets, however his kindness sometimes gets him in trouble, and he is no good athletically. He can serve a mean crab stew though!
Marian, Foundation of Truth
Marian is Flams Ex Girlfreind. She works as a Librarian in dodge junction, and always tells the truth, whether youd like to hear it or not. She is rather isolated in her world, and is content with reading books about great adventures rather than going out and doing them herself. She is prudent, but well learned. She prefers to not get her hooves dirty.
Now, for the next two, i was thinking about tagging folks who i think would make good foundations below.
If any of you are okay with this, please reply. I was thinking that amuka would be the element of courage, cozy the element of magic, and neighsay, i havent quite thought of yet.
oooooooo, now that's an interesting line up. I like this idea.
Also tagging folks relevant to the conversation. Knight Wolf Elizabeth