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by on March 23, 2020
I am seeing so many "out there" and "from another world" charachters. From what i am starting to see, it is less common to have an actual equestrian OC (or canon) than some other world charachter.
While i sometimes like them, (especially if done well) sometimes it just gets annoying. They are in a foreign land, one that will initially be afraid of your kind. It may be best if you try to hide your "otherworldliness" and try to act like an equestrian. Kind of like invader zim.
Another thing i dont like about alot of "otherworldly" tropes is that they are OP, they have a whole lot of weapons and are unstoppable if faced against the normal equestrian.
A good way to counteract this is an accidental arrival where your char is completely unprepared, has to work with equestrians daily to try to find a way back home or something like that.
If done right, and outerworldly character can put a little fuel in an rp. If done wrong, folks will ignore you.
It is also the case that you should try to create a normal charachter too. Those are in far more short supply. Be a Donut Joe. Even normal charachters can be interesting!
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Maxh Vezpyre
I like to think there's more continents than just Equestria, I cannot imagine a whole world with just a single piece of earth pushed in the middle and surrounded by ocean, which is why I made my own rendition of Egypt by enabling sea-sailing adventures, pirates, diving and basically waterlike life a...View More
I think they're referring to human or alien OC's.
Maxh Vezpyre
It applies to every species regardless.
Icy Creation
(I hat- no, no I really don't. Only going to say one thing here- Pangea.)
I like to refer to the equestrian map for it. But there is the thing to be said about ither continents after all the undiscovered west is a thing. But i am referring to OCs that wouldnt fit with equestrian lore at all
Maxh Vezpyre
Aliens? Aliens, we need more alien wifes and husbandos with lazors.
But I like mah sirens... I’m working on their underwater kingdoms I promise, totally not procrastinating, nope.
And also, tooootally not thinking of Shen now.
The sirens make sense alongside shen. It is after all, a land full of myth and we have seen sirens in equestrias past, but we never know their origins. And shen makes sense because it is a prehistory horse. I am just saying that normal charachters that do normal things arevin short supply.
Eeeeeee! I have... semi-normal characters. Like Dolly, and a lot of my other OCs that I hardly ever use lol
Bright Brave
I'm just a humble OP warrior earth pony
Amethyst the Hippogriff
Amethyst tries to normal.- Nat 1