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by on May 18, 2020
In the middle of the hardest of thunderstorms Bok had ever witnessed on this new world’s surface, she had prepared for weeks anticipating the perfect moment to try and bring her destroyed Starship’s system back up, if only for one minute! Only long enough to send one measly signal…
Bok’s ship was decorated with long antennae all over the top like a porcupine’s back, and the grass around it was sprinkled with wind turbine structures, she needed all the energy she could harvest, every last watt, be it air-powered or electric. As hell broke loose outside, Bok had found refuge inside the captain’s cabin where she meddled with wires and buttons. “C’mon, c’mon…” she mumbled like a bee’s buzz and ran from corner to corner like a cockroach under the kitchen’s light. When suddenly the skies rumbled and broke into thunder and lightning stroke her ship over and over. Bok, startled, didn’t miss a beat and as soon as she got to the board she began to spam the power button “You can do it, C’mon! …C’mon!” She prayed one last time and then shrieked as a light electric shock ran from the keyboard to her arm to the rest of her body, forcing her to jump back.
The lights flickered twice and then they never went black again, Bok’s eyes widen in utter amazement. Did she actually do it? Before her stunned mind could process it, the screen on her ship turned to static and then to bright green, it was on! Bok’s jaw dropped and she bounced “Yes!!! I mean—MAYDAY MAYDAY!!!” The little creature scrambled back to the board and spammed a couple buttons, she put on her helmet and tried to establish communication. She didn’t have long and she didn’t know if she’d ever have another chance. “Bok to Boötes, Bok to Boötes! Do you copy!? Do you copy?!”
“…… Who is it? I copy! I copy!” came a familiar voice from the other side of the screen, causing Bok to gasp in awe and relief, seriously, she could almost cry but that was embarrassing! She’d have to save it for later.
“I am Admiral Dr. Ing. Bok!” Bok responds without catching her breath from the awe.
“Bok…?!” The screen’s static clears up, revealing another of Bok’s kind on the other side and she’s not alone, another 4 creatures from the back were beginning to crowd the screen too. “Guys its Bok! She’s alive!” the creature known as Mia would cheer on, the rest were just as shocked.
“…No way!” Another said.
“Is it really her?” and then another.
“Wow!” Bok’s voice breaks into a squeal. “Mia! Jamila! Kho! Zen! I thought I’d never see you guys again…” Bok expresses and sighs, finally taking some time to breathe.
“Bok… What happened to your crew? Where are you?” Jamila asks and Bok’s ears drop as soon as she hears the question yet she’s quick to answer.
“I don’t know…”
“You don’t know?” Kho asks in concern.
“…I was sleeping, we were cruising Sombrero and well… When I woke up the alarm was going off like crazy, before I could get to my seat I was ushered into the escape pod by Llum.”
“…Captain Llum?”
“Yes, him! He told me to get inside and that there was no time and that they’d catch up with me. I didn’t have time to ask questions and then I was launched… I hit my head pretty hard and I think I must have gone full black out because I can’t recall anything except that I landed in this awful feral land… I have been trying to contact them, I don’t know where they may be or if they’re alive… So please, get me in contact with the Queen! I need urgent back up!” Bok explains as short and clean as she can. She can’t help but to notice that everyone’s faces have gone pale on the other side and the aura turned grim.
“Llum said you abandoned them.” Mia comments, rubbing the back of her neck and looking elsewhere. Bok blinks in confusion. The rest remain completely silent.
“Excuse me… What?” Bok laughs in disbelief but is quickly silenced as Mia continues…
“When Llum and the rest of the crew returned to the base without you, Llum said that you had tried to hijack the mission. That you went feral and that you were endangering the entire crew. He says you took the escape pod to flee because they tried to contain you…” Mia’s tone was serious and she still didn’t face the screen. Bok was grinning, not because she found it funny or thrilling, but because she did not know how to react at all. This was… ridiculously unexpected, she couldn’t begin to process it…
“Llum… Said that? No it can’t be… and even still, obviously nobody believed it right?” Bok still smiles, but her heart sinks… she couldn’t even put it into words if she tried, she did not know what it was that that she was feeling. The longer the silence was drawn from the other side of the call and the longer she stared into the faces of her friends who were looking away from her, the more surreal it felt. “You guys… Don’t actually believe I would ever do something like that, do you?” Bok’s asks again in a tangy tone this time.
“What? No, no… It’s just… what else could we believe Bok? It’s not like you were there to ask-” Mia responds, scratching her cheek and still not facing her directly.
“Well… Yeah…” Jamila responded at the same time as Mia. The rest of them quickly turn their heads towards her in utter shock. Bok herself couldn’t help but to stare wide eyed.
“Wha-!? Are you serious!?” Bok gasps in both disbelief and a mix of disappointment and rage. “Why!?”
“Well why not though!? Bok, everyone knows you’re not a team player…” Jamila continues in exasperation while the rest of them awkwardly shift. Zen can’t even face the board and she just has her back turned the entire time. “That’s why they sent YOU. They knew you would get to the center of the universe if it killed your entire fleet. That’s why they chose you, because only you didn’t have the scrupulous, only YOU could pull off a mission like that at whatever cost” Jamila continued.
“Oh my god, you have to be kidding me right now!” Bok responds still in disbelief, she squints her eyes and glares to the faces of her friends but none of them dare to face her back. “You can’t be serious! You guys have to be playing me some kind of sick prank and it isn’t funny!”
“We’re not playing pranks!” Zen finally opens her mouth. “Llum brought back war upon the empire. You guys wandered into enemy territory, now the If’ins have declared war on us!”
“Yeah… ever since your fleet returned the If’ins have been cutting our trade routes and terrorizing our colonies… They wiped out the Mahocs and the Kah-Hums and they said that we were next.” Mia reiterates with a sigh. “We can’t take any chances… Our hands are tied.”
Bok’s glare softens into a deep frown as she learns the current situation of her empire. “We just need to reach out to our allies on the west—“
“Our allies have cut all contact with us.” Jamila interrupts, holding the same severe tone from earlier.
Bok clenches her teeth in frustration. “Well then we’ll make new ones! I have landed upon intelligent life and whilst they do not possess advanced technology they have this source of power that they call magic and it is like nothing we’ve ever seen before! Surely if I speak to their leaders we could get to an agreement—“
“—The Pux Empire is the only thing the Pux Empire has. That’s why we have to protect it, if we don’t protect ourselves nobody will.” Jamila insists, cutting Bok’s train of thought again.
“…Yeah, and the thing about that is that we cannot trust anyone who’s not on our side.” Zen declares. This last statement caught Bok off guard.
“You’re either with us or against us… And right now… I don’t know if you can even be on our side Bok. You’re… kind of a criminal.” Kho mumbles, despite her words, she sounded sincerely sorry. Whilst they were all angry and confused, they were also upset. They were friends after all, this was not the type of call Bok imagined she’d have today and it was clear that none of her friends expected it to go this way either. “You should know how dangerous it is for us to be holding a transmission coming from an errant Starship right now…”
Bok’s heart sinks. “But I am not rogue… I am not a deserter..! You know I’m not!” She insists as if her life depended on it. “I just need to speak with the Queen!”
“What you need to do is to stop talking to us!” Zen interrupts again but quickly calms down by waving a hand to her face.
“Bok please, you need to understand!” Mia takes over once again, frowning greatly.
“Well I don’t! I don’t understand! I’ll go to trial if I must, I’ll do whatever it takes!”
“That’s the issue! You always do whatever it takes! Don’t you see how that’s not a good trait Bok!?” Mia retorts. “You are asking us to believe that the guy who has now become our Queen’s second in command is a traitor, during a time in which we need to be the most united, you are asking us to imprison the Chief of Military and to go put you two into trial!? And what for? So what if you’re innocent Bok, this is war! And Llum is chief of military and the queen trusts him!” She takes a deep breath then looks away. “…When Llum told us that you had deserted the Empire then everyone could blame you for everything… For the war, for the lost colonies, for the broken alliances, for the corrupt system, for the fall of our Empire if it comes to that… And thanks to that we were able to come together. You can’t destroy that Bok, we need it! You were the perfect scapegoat! And that brought us stability, it’s all we have left!”
“I can’t believe you right now Mia, who even are you?” Bok has to clench her teeth and hold herself back from having a melt down there and there. “We’ve been friends since diapers! We were in a sorority together! If anyone knows me, if anyone should trust me, that’s you! But this isn’t about trust is it? You’re all mistaken and this is wrong!” Everyone was doing the same, everyone was tense, and everyone was in despair.
“...Please, if you really care about us, don’t contact us ever again.” Mia covers her mouth, looks away and cuts the transmission before Bok could do or say anything.
The sound of the heavy rain outside was low like a hum among the static and the synthetic noises coming from the various computers and apparatus within Bok’s mangled ship. It would soon run out of battery again, yet it didn’t really matter anymore.
Spirit Weaver
Im gonna comment for real later but I love u
Zerathur A. Naszberuk
Yes, this does count as lore. Good Khas, my head hurts, but I have to say, that was an awesome read!
:,D whats a khas?
:,> I didn't proof read any of this, I didn't run it through any filters and I have never written anything like fanfiction or fiction or even just short stories so, I'm sorry if it's super cringe, I'm sorry to subject you all to it :eyes: please beware
Don't listen to them, this lore thing is great, go read it. Waste, out.
Spirit Weaver
YO! YOOOOOO! YOURE GONNA MAKE MY CRY OVER MY ALIEN WIFE HOLY SHIT I WANT TO HUG HER AND MAKE SURE SHE KNOWS ITS GOING TO BE OKAY God this really helps cement how important Bok's thing with finding her place in this world is now
Minsa Rousain
Ohhh poor Bok. Minsa would give so many hugs.
Bok would accept them but only as contraband deep within an alleyway :>
Minsa Rousain
Rabbit woman hugs are worth quite a lot of sweet treats as well.
Phoenix Wind
That was pretty good 10/10 feel bad for little green alien
:,> Yay thanks Pho!
Phoenix Wind
No problem :,)