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Nebulous Coltenheim
by on May 23, 2020
No pony knows what has become of Solaris's only son the mother passed away after childbirth and then taken in and raised by cherry's long time friend Sky a blue pegasus. Northern Equestria was now ruled by the crystal empire with Cadence and Shining armor as their rulers. The city coltenheim and the lands surrounding it were abandoned and unpopulated save for a few dragons that lived in the mountains. The years passed and now Princess Twilight Sparkle now rules Equestria which has become more diverse with many races and species of Equestria and beyond to embrace twilights lessons of friendship and Empress Flurry heart now leads the crystal empire and northern Equestria.
As for Solaris's Son, the presumed 4th in the line of Coltenheim his whereabouts and actions are unknown Some say he ventured further north beyond yakyakistan others believe he decided to abandon his right to the north and live a normal life. After reading the records of the rulers of northern Equestria before the crystal empire took over it is undeniable that the kingdom of Coltenheim and Northern Equestria was a formidable force yet unfortunate that Colteneheims line met with adversity and misfortune. Perhaps someday the 4th prince will reclaim his birthright and restore his kingdom or build a new one yet this is but wishful thinking
The hooded figure closed the book and his journal and made his way out of Coltenheims ruins and gave his findings to the librarian in the crystal empire and then put them in the restricted section as per flurry hearts orders.
(I wish to continue my RP from here after this prologue.)
Topics: long term rp