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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
by on April 28, 2022
(Surprise new episode time! Welcome to the next warframe update-inspired episode, Screeches of the Past, inspired by Angels of the Zariman. In this episode, we follow our heroes as they uncover the mystery behind the recently emerged Zariman Ten-Zero. Beware of The New War AND Angels of the Zariman spoilers in here, but i'll try my best to not do many spoilers. I do think you'll like this though! Enjoy, and get a blanket, this one's gonna be scary. -Stickman)
CHAPTER 1: Out of the Void
Stickman and his friends received a notification that a massive ship was coming out of the void. Curious, Stickman led the HQ to the big ship. It was a crescent-shaped ship. "That's... odd... I've never seen a ship like that." Stickman said. "According to the data here, it's called the Zariman Ten-Zero, a flagship that was lost to the void during a void jump... just now remerging." Jewel said, reading off the data that was coming in. Stickman looked on in amazement at the huge ship. "I'm going to bring us in." Stickman said as he eased the HQ into the docking bay of the Zariman.
CHAPTER 2: The Heralds of the Void
Once in the docking bay, the 5 stepped out and onto the bay. It felt... weird. "This... is something else." Stickman said. A screeching sound was heard deep within the derilect ship. Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu all hide behind Stickman while he took out his sword. "Hmph. Seems this ship isn't abandoned after all. They transfer into their warframes and head into the ship. Upon going into the ship, a signal gets sent out, launching the 5 out of their Warframes. "Ugh... Guess we aren't able to use our Warframes in here." Stickman said. Upon going into the room, a creature is seen in the alcove in the untime. It comes down to the 5 and screeches at them, making them pass out.
CHAPTER 3: Holding Fast
Upon waking up, Stickman sat up. "Jewel! Skye! Skystar! Yinu!" Stickman exclaimed. "No... but we are friends." A voice said. Into the room came some people with some void on their faces. "Welcome to the Zariman. We've been expecting you." The person said. Stickman looked around. "Where's... my friends?" Stickman said. The person guided him to the right, where his friends were sleeping. "They were beside you. Judging from your appearance... I take it you're Stickman... and those four are Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu." The person said. Stickman was wary. "How... do you know our names?" Stickman said. "Heh. Word about you and your friends' work gets around the void. Especially here in the Zariman. Call me Quinn. My crew is called The Holdfasts." The person said. Quinn held out his hand. Stickman shook it. "Glad to have you here. We need your help to keep the Zariman safe. It... isn't exactly the welcome committee we've been wanting to give you, but hey, any friendly face is welcome here." Quinn said. Stickman scratches his head as his friends woke up. "Meet us on the lower decks when you're ready to help." Quinn said as he disappeared. Jewel and the others met up with Stickman. "Who... was that?" Jewel said. "Some friends." Stickman said. They then went up to the lower decks.
CHAPTER 4: Reality Unbound
Upon making it to the Chrysalth, Quinn greets the heroes. "We've been stuck in the void for quite a while. That void jump really did a number on all of us. We... were clocking 5 of our crew just a few hours ago." Quinn said. He lowers his head. "What... happened to the 5th member?" Stickman said. "You... met her." Quinn said. "You mean... that creature was..." Stickman sounded worried. "Yes. She unfortunately succumbed to the song. We... don't know how much longer we have." Quinn said. "I... I'm sorry." Stickman said, giving his condolences. "Heh. Kira would've loved to see ya. She would ramble on about how your guys' adventures was one of a kind." Quinn said, smiling. All of a sudden, a song rang out throughout the Zariman. "Shit! The cascades are failing! Get to the cascades. Archimedian Yontu will guide you." Quinn said. Stickman, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu all saluted while they headed down. Upon arriving, Yontu showed up on their screens in their Warframes. "Now, you must work to stop the void from possessing the cascades. If you don't, reality will unbind itself. Do you understand?" Yontu said. "We got it, Archimedian." Stickman said. The 5 then worked together to fight off the Grineer while making sure the cascades were unpossesed from the Thraxes. Once all of the cascades were stable, they went back to the Chrysalith. "Good work." Quinn said as he smiled. Stickman smiled back. "I'm... sorry we were not available to see you sooner, Stickman. The void jump really did cost everything." Quinn said. "It's... it's fine. As long as the Zariman is protected, we're good." Stickman said. All of a sudden, another song rang out throughout the Zariman. "It's Kira! She's going for the reliquary drive!" Quinn said. Stickman nodded. "I want you four to stay with the Holdfasts. I don't want to put you through this." Stickman said. Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu, despite being hesitant at first, agreed. "We'll wait for you when you get back." Jewel said. The two hugged, and Stickman went off to defend the Zariman and stop Kira.
CHAPTER 5: The Void's Song
Upon making it to the Oro Works, Stickman and Calavero work together to set up defenses against the Corpus. Once Stickman, through the guidance of Calavero, set up the defenses, he got to work repelling the corpus forces. After a bit of defending the reliquary drive, a creature showed up. "That's... Kira. You must stop her! She's going for the reliquary drive!" Quinn said over comms. Stickman nodded and got to work. Stickman then fought Kira and brought her to her knees after some tough fighting. "She's escaping into the void to heal! Follow after her!" Quinn said. Stickman then transferred out of Lavos and went into the void portal. Stickman, only able to use his void powers inside the pocket void area, worked to defeat Kira from within the Void. He finally brought down Kira after a tough battle. "This... is it for us. Fight on for the Zariman for us." The comms went silent after. "Quinn? Quinn! Damn it..." Stickman went silent himself as he made his way up to the Chrysalith.
EPILOGUE: Comfort in the past
As Stickman made his way up, he thought about Quinn and the last surviving crew of the Zariman. "They... they fought so hard to defend the Zariman... I can't... believe they..." Stickman said as the elevator opened, and the Holdfast crew and Stickman's friends greeted him. "They're... alive!" Stickman said. "Yes. Thanks to you and your void... we were able to take on a different power source. You've done us a great service today, Stickman. Thank you." Quinn said. "I'm... i'm sorry about Kira." Stickman said, sadly. "It's... okay. Just as she remembered... remember us too." Quinn said. Stickman nodded. "There is a place in the park where she would go. You can... set up a memorial there." Stickman, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu went up to the memorial. Each one of them placed their own special item on the memorial. Stickman looked up. "We'll defend the Zariman... We won't let it be lost to darkness again." Stickman said. He turned around to his friends. "For the Zariman." Stickman said as he held out his hand. Each one of his friends placed their hands, paws, or claws, in Stickman's. "For the Zariman." The four said. Stickman then turned around and smiled. He then walked off with his friends, them ready to repel the Corpus and Grineer.
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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
This one was very fun to make. Granted I had to wait until Angels of the Zariman came out in order to finish it, but it was worth it in the end. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and you can expect to see both the Zariman and it's crew a lot more in future RPs. Look forward to it!
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Also, I wanted to do a void flood section, but this story was long overdue anyway. So... here ya go. The fruits of my storytelling labour.