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Nar Kazunah
by on June 30, 2020
//Good vibe lore post comin' atcha.
The wizard guild of Myoorclaw (Pronounced: Me-your-claw) wasn't exactly large for Ysgrim guild standards, but it was certainly a lively one. Based in the small town of Vendon Myoorclaw undertook tasks sent in by citizens of the nearby area that needed the help of a mage. Every mage in Myoorclaw had their own unique magic. Unlike their wizard counterparts from Equestria mages in Ysgrim tended to focus on one magic type, and hone their skills with it rather than learning many different spells of different types. Though that didn't mean they didn't adopt some spells of other magic types, or schools to be more versatile.
The Myoorclaw guild hall almost always had something going on inside. Today was no different. B class mage Andraeus watches as his pupil scarfs down a plate of food. The bulky, shaggy maned mage was completely focused on his food. One hoof was always clutching a piece of meat while the other was shoveling another piece of meat into his mouth, or tearing it from the meal below. "Jeez Nar. Slow down. You're gonna choke." Andraeus looks on with concern. Without missing a beat the young mage looks back up at his mentor while still chewing his food. "I gotta bulk up if I want to be a great mage Andraeus! Earth magic needs a strong user! I can't be strong if I don't have any muscle!" Andraeus heaves a sigh, and shakes his head despite the large grin on his face. 'Bulk up this. Get strong that.' That's all the boy ever worried about. That, and pizza day. Andraeus actually quite admired the 15 year old's spirit. He never lost sight of his goals, and always seemed to have a smile on his face. The boy was an all around go-getter, and he didn't accept any less of his guildmates either. There were no quitters in Myoorclaw. Not since Nar came around.
Off in the corner two guild members erupt into a fight that spills onto one of the many tables other guild members were eating at. Food, and silverware are tossed aside as the two grab whatever they can to bash each other over the head with. The other members express annoyance, and walk away from their table for a few seconds to let the fight continue. From across the guild hall a young Nar springs up from his chair. "A fight?! I want in!" Only for the older Amndraeus to grab the back of his shirt, and hold him in place. "C'mon Andraeus! Let me go!" The older mage shakes his head. "Not a chance. I'm not going to risk another fine because of your reckless habits." The younger mage thrashes about for a few seconds before eventually sitting back down begrudgingly.
A door on the north end of the guild hall opens, and all of the activity within the main room stops. The bartender stops pouring drinks, everyone stops eating, and talking, and the fight stops dead. A small mare, almost the size of an older filly, walks out of a door labeled "Guildmaster's Quarters." Her medium length, orange mane, and pale tan fur almost seemed to shine as she stepped out of the dimly lit office into the main hall. Her soft, sweet voice breaks the silence. "Now boys. What did we say about fighting in the guild hall?" The two stallions (still grappling each other on the floor) respond. "No fighting inside unless all of the furniture is moved, and more that 10 people want to fight." The mare smiles back ever so sweetly. "Good. Remember that the next time you have a dispute. Now clean up this mess." The two stallions rise. "Yes ma'am!"
As the two stallions get to work cleaning up the mess they made Andraeus feels his shirt being pulled. "C'mon Andraeus! Let's go find a job!" He heaves a sigh as he stands, and begins to walk towards the job board. His pupil drops off his empty plate at the bar before the two approach the job board. "Now Nar, the last 4 jobs we've gone on were pretty dangerous. I think we should pick one that's not as dangerous. We wouldn't want to get hurt, and not be able to-" Andraeus is cut off as the younger mage pulls a job off of the board, and thrusts it up towards his face. "This one!" 'Giant insects destroying crops in Markwood. Reward: 400 Gold.' Without a word Andraeus snatches up the parchment, and rolls it up into his pocket. He turns, and begins to head towards the front door. "I swear you're going to get us killed one day."
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