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by on June 30, 2020
//Good vibe lore post comin' atcha. The wizard guild of Myoorclaw (Pronounced: Me-your-claw) wasn't exactly large for Ysgrim guild standards, but it was certainly a lively one. Based in the small town of Vendon Myoorclaw undertook tasks sent in by citizens of the nearby area that needed the help of a mage. Every mage in Myoorclaw had their own unique magic. Unlike their wizard counterparts from Equestria mages in Ysgrim tended to focus on one magic type, and hone their skills with it rather t...
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by on June 1, 2020
Nearly three weeks of constant battle. With freshly battle-scarred bodies, and exhausted minds the two casters trudge through the darkness ahead. The only light they have comes from a light cantrip being cast by the wizard. The light only illuminates 30 feet ahead with their path ahead shrouded in darkness. The two stopped trying to lighten the mood days ago. At this point they were both aware of how hopeless their situation was. They were sent in here to die. If the thing they were sent in here...
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