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Asuka Yakushi
by on August 20, 2020
//Yet again I have remembered a lore post I thought about just before going to bed.
It was another long day at work for Kisho. Running a restaurant was difficult work, but the smiles he helped form were well worth the toil. Of course while today was just like any other day it wasn't quite just a normal day. It was his 52nd birthday. His employees had scrounged up some money to buy him a cake, and a gift. Of course the gift was a 'Worlds Best Boss' apron, and he was definitely going to be wearing that until it was worn out. The cake however didn't survive the day. After he had the first slice he left the rest for his employees who proceeded to devour the thing throughout the day.
As Kisho walks up to his front door he can see no lights on. His eldest daughter had gone off to Vanhoover for tech school, his youngest daughter was in Neighpan, and his wife had called this afternoon to tell him she would be home late thanks to a big case she was working on. She'd promised him they'd celebrate his birthday this weekend, so Kisho wasn't too bummed about it. Kisho inserts his key into the front door, and turns the lock. He gently opens the door, and removes his shoes as he enters. He flips on the foyer light before doffing his coat to head to the living room. With a flick of a switch the living room lights up.
The shouts cause Kisho to jump slightly. However, he's quickly overcome with emotion as he sees just who it is doing the shouting. Front and center is his wife, very much not working on a big case. Behind her are their two daughters, who are very clearly not out of town, and he swears he can see two others standing behind them. "Happy birthday!" The group calls out. A large, warm smile emerges on Kisho's face, and for a moment he reaches up to wipe tears from his eyes. His wife is quick to grab his hoof. Now he can see the two ponies behind her. The tears now flow freely.
An elderly couple stands in Kisho's living room. Both with bright smiles, and party hats. The two approach, and the stallion speaks in a heavy neighpanese accent.
"Kisho. I am overjoyed to have such an amazing son. When we heard your wife wanted to do something for your birthday your mother and I decided we had to be there." The two embrace without any further words. Off to the side both of his daughters try their hardest not to squeal from their hearts melting. In all 18/17 years of their lives, never had either of the two actually seen their father cry. When the two split the mare speaks in a less harsh accent. "Your father and I have been calling Betty almost every week to check in on you and your family. We're so happy to know you were able to follow your dreams, and make a life for yourself here. When you first left we were terrified. We thought all manner of things may have happened to you, but you quelled our fears with your kindred spirit, and dedication. Your grandparents would be very proud of you."
The party quickly moves to the dining room where the family sits to eat a nice meal prepared by everyone. Some steamed vegetables from Betty, some yakiniku from Asuka, homemade bread from Hiari, and a famous soup by Kisho's parents. Following the meal gifts are exchanged. Betty leads with a picture frame filled with pictures, and old newspaper clippings referring to their marriage, and his restaurant. Asuka follows with a CD. She and her band had written, and recorded a song for him. Hiari got him a new cookbook, and his parents had brought over an old family relic to pass down to him.
Late into the night the family shares stories, and reminiscences. There are laughs, smiles, and many, many tears.(Mainly from Kisho.) It would be a night Kisho would remember fondly.
Topics: lore, family, birthday