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by on October 12, 2021
Usually, Betty would be surprised to find her husband home when she woke up. Considering he usually worked from nearly 5 in the morning, until 6 at night Monday through Saturday it was rare for him to ever spend more than an hour or two awake once he got home. Sure, it limited the time they got to spend together during the day, but they were both pretty busy, and Betty didn't mind only having one full day a week with her husband. The time apart just made their time together all the more special....
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by on August 20, 2020
//Yet again I have remembered a lore post I thought about just before going to bed. It was another long day at work for Kisho. Running a restaurant was difficult work, but the smiles he helped form were well worth the toil. Of course while today was just like any other day it wasn't quite just a normal day. It was his 52nd birthday. His employees had scrounged up some money to buy him a cake, and a gift. Of course the gift was a 'Worlds Best Boss' apron, and he was definitely going to be we...
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