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Zerathur A. Naszberuk
by on October 5, 2020
The ocean. It doesn't want. It doesn't wait. It doesn't love. It doesn't hate. All it ever does is roll back and forth, and so it would continue until the end of time. No matter what happened, the waves would still roll up the shores then trickle back down with the constant movement of the tides.
In moments of uncertainty, these thoughts were the most reassuring. Everything has changed so suddenly, so drastically, but not the ocean. The salt in the breeze, the deep blue that clashed with the light purples and oranges of the setting sun, the white foam that formed behind the boat, it was all still the same.
And yet, it didn't feel that way. Memories of last night plague this peaceful sunset. Raging fires and buildings torn to shreds, the golden streets covered in debris. Acid rained from the sky as fiendish creatures savagely ripped through those that had survived the first explosion. The glowing yellow eyes that stared deep into the soul, a growl, and a burning pain across the chest.
"You haven't slept, have you?" A worried voice came through, breaking his line of thoughts before they delved too deep. Zerathur could feel her gaze on the back of his head as she finally woke up from her sleep. "We need to get to the continent as soon as possible." The reply was quiet, just loud enough to be heard over the sound of the waves.
The mare limped forth, past the helm, and down the short stairs as she made her way to the bow. Her white chitin glistened under the sun's dying light, the soft wind carrying the long purple mane along. "I see no land from here!" Astria spoke out upon reaching the front of the boat, quickly turning around to limp back. The wound in her foreleg looked much better than it did just a couple of hours ago, but she still needed proper medical attention.
"Go downstairs, get yourself rations and some rest. I'll wake you up if I see anything." Zerathur's bright blue eyes met her purple gaze as she gave these orders. For a moment, he thought of protesting, but a low grumble came from his stomach at the thought of food. With a sigh, he gave in to the young changeling queen's commands and stepped away from the wheel. "Aye aye, capn'."
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