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by on July 11, 2021
It isn't often that a story ends with the death of its protagonist, at least not the stories sung by the bards or written in the common books. This one proved to be no different. However, unlike the other stories, this wasn't the tale of one born with great power tearing down the evil of their homeland, nor that of a simple commoner rising and winning against the otherwise impossible. This is the story of one who has done nothing but flee. And flee he did. From the responsibilities o...
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by on July 4, 2021
mission log number: 2,137 location: pastel horse world subject: depress horse I have seen depress horse simply look out of a window for hours on end without looking anywhere else but that shop in the distance. I often wonder "why does he always look at that shop, does he have any family members other then the alien, demon horse that come over to his home every once in awhile just to talk". This depress horse always every once in awhile wonder outside of this building and go to some ro...
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by on June 18, 2021
(warning that nobody reads bla bla bla) some weird thing happen, then nothing like come on this lore is worst then what anything i can come up with and am the one who made the lore. sort paragraph worth of lore that nobody will read because it's boring and also there just a clown in a chair drinking from a water bottle for some reason. cloud just being angry at this point because he just is and also he own a laser that turn out to be nothing but, a simply cardboard cutout of a laser pointer b...
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by on June 11, 2021
"hello might as well say it, am bored and this is recorded so don't even try to find me" crimson said as he had miscellaneous items on a wooden table. "now first thing first before i begin don't use these against someone or anything because i will not take any responsibility for your actions" crimson said as the camera was moved onto the table then, a crystal statue set a piece of paper with a hard to understand writing only know to crystal empire. crimson use a simply quill and some odd col...
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by on May 21, 2021
(warning this story has a bit of darkness in it) Sivanro slam the door shut as he leaves and said "now i know why my dad always end up being the reason for people just giving up on him, he can't even save...". "a kitten from a tree?" cloud said as sivanro just nod and said "you know there a place for ponies who tampered with time magic in tartarus right?". cloud laugh and said "so what, I still remember everything that happened up until the last second when he attacked me on my office". ...
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by on May 15, 2021
(warning this has a small amount of darkness in it, that is all) polo sit there drinking coffee as a pegasus enter his house and hold a birth certificate then, said "hello dad...". polo looked at him and said "how is that possible, you some sort of demon pegasus or something?". the pegasus said "my name is Sivanro Jullifer Nelian Fastter or kill for short but, half demon". polo looked unamused and said "out of all out there to shorten that, you chose kill?". "what do you expect, i wasn't r...
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by on April 18, 2021
the sheep simply said the word "baa" all the time but, the more "a" in it the longer the word. that is all from music note
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by on April 6, 2021
(warning this contain lore about the movie canon timeline and it has someone getting wounded ) crimson night was fire after a lot of people canceled him on a website after he said "i just don't like dubstep". crimson sat there at a train station as light sky walked near him and said "sorry crimson but listen there a shop in marehatten that has a opening but, they kind of act like that one pony who use to work here, what was his name?". crimson looked at light and said "yarn cord". light ...
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by on March 8, 2021
(this story is in an alternate timeline where sombra never lost and where canon polo and the gender swap change places nd it is dark) polo was wearing a broken sombra guard helmet as a diamond dog let him into the mine as crimson said " the vault is next to the crystal golems, i would not mess with them because, i seem one just throw a griffin into the cavern without hesitating". polo looked at crimson and said "you mean a guard pony right?". up ahead two ten foot tall crystal golems where gu...
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by on March 6, 2021
(this post is in an alternate timeline) crystal cover half of the are and the other half lays destroyed after a civil war happened years ago when king sombra was young. steam hoof was a inventor until a biocrystal test gone wrong ended his life now, he goes by the name of crimson rain. crimson over the years has gain a few abilities including the ability to make an illusion that trick most into thinking he is what he want to be, crystal manipulation, and crystal absorption. crimson was in a b...
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by on March 4, 2021
(warning this post is in an alternate timeline where polo was sent to on the first of february 2021 and it slightly dark) polo was in an abandoned house when sombra guard appear and said "you will be a servant of our mighty ruler of equestria, king sombra and also if you do not come with us we will force you to join". polo finish drinking coffee and said "you have ten second before i show you the way out". one of the guards grabbed polo then, that guard get thrown across the room. polo grabbe...
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by on February 26, 2021
(you know the warning about the future well, it just a brawl in twenty years in the future) speedy was waiting near the entrance of the crystal empire as cloud leave the train as speedy said "hello been waiting for you now we will walk near the castle then, fight". cloud walks near speedy and said "let get this shit over with". guards walked near them and said "we are here to inform you both if you hurt anyone intentionally, or accidental, we will arrest you". speedy and cloud nod as they whe...
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