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Zerathur A. Naszberuk
by on December 18, 2020
Water dripped onto cold stone, freezing shortly after hitting the ground. Sounds echoed far under the ice, yet no wind or falling water would ever be capable of creating the terrorizing screeches that came from below. Eyes glowed in the surrounding darkness, filled with malicious intent but never approaching. Purple, they were, the color of his nightmares, the color of his deepest fears.
He knew what awaited him at the end of this tunnel, it wasn't a way out. But he couldn't keep himself from trudging forth over the slippery stone, quietly making his way towards a destiny that he never wished for. The smell of putrid flesh and rotten blood was overwhelming, but there was something more to it, a sort of contamination that no death or flame could cleanse. Something that grew heavier in the air with each step.
Heavy shivers powered by dread rolled up his spine as mutated meaty tendrils aimlessly flailed and latched onto his hooves and legs. The dark carpet of revolving biomass before him pulsed with the energy of an unseen heart, seeking to devour him in its eternal hunger, yet, unable to, for that was not the will of its master. Hers was far more sinister. Walking became difficult, but he continued.
They were standing there, the creatures. Masses of claw, chitin, and teeth perfected over the ages in the art of shredding limbs apart. He had seen all of them before, doing exactly what they were meant to do. Every other protoss he has ever met had these as their final sight, except for himself. And the reason for that stood in the very center of this dark room, towering above them all.
Her body was distorted and broken, the dozens of limbs cracking and spazzing in agony. She ripped herself apart and exposed the muscles, bones, and organs within her chest, doing so with one last screech. A slender figure slipped out of the gore and fell to the creep-covered ground below, her brown chitinous coat and light green mane glistening with dark blood. The other Zergs stepped aside and watched as he calmly sat down next to her and began casting healing spells.
The sky up above was filled with stars, yet this was no peaceful night. He knew better than to look down, for he already knew the carnage that filled the streets. The presence was there, the glowing purple eyes barely visible on his peripherical view.
"You're not dead, are you?"
"Not anymore."
"Neither am I."
"Our paths are different, Host of Despair."
"Hope has left you, but we will meet again."
"Save this universe."
"Save your existence, husk."
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