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Asuka Yakushi
by on December 28, 2020
When an old mare claimed to put a curse on Gray after he refused to give up food for a fortune everyone just thought she was crazy. Sure, magic was real, but she wasn't even a unicorn. How was she going to curse Gray without magic?
"Uh. Guys?" Nar's voice cuts through the current conversation between Gray, Asuka, and Carmine. They all stop to listen. Asuka feels the car begin to slow down before it comes to a complete stop. Nar then finishes his statement. "We're out of gas." Everyone is quiet as Gray leans over to confirm. "Yeah. We're out." To which Carmine jokes. "Maybe E means extra fuel." Nobody laughs. Well, Nar stifles a chuckle. After a few seconds of sitting in silence Asuka finally speaks up. "Looks like we're walking."
And so the four jerks disembark from their vehicle, grab all of their supplies, and begin their walk to Canerlot.
At first the walk isn't so bad. Sure they spot a few zombies here and there, but without all the cars on the roads it's almost like a little sightseeing hike. That stopped being the case when the rains rolled in.
For nearly a whole day the group is forced to walk through a torrent of rain, with lightning flashing in the distance, and thunder rumbling the ground beneath them. They can hardly speak over all of the noise, having to shout just to be understood. By the time the rain stops the sun has set, and the group sets up camp a ways off of the road. Drenched, cold, and exhausted the group eats a decent meal with what they've been able to scavenge. Gray hits the hay early while Asuka and Carmine try to put their brains together to plan out their day tomorrow. Nar stays up to take first watch.
The next morning brings more walking for the group of survivors, but not nearly as much rain. Other than a light drizzle in the morning the group manages to stay relatively dry today. Save for the one time Gray's hoof fell into a pothole and he splashed face-first into a puddle on the road. It was funny at first, but it was less funny when Gray got up every part of his face from his nose down was stained red. More walking, and still no signs of a town, city, or any sort of buildings to loot. Not even a car for them to borrow.
As the sun once again begins to set in the sky morale hits an all time low for the group. Two days of exhausting walking, a run in with bandits, and a few lost supplies do their number.
While they trudge along the road, desperate to find anything to give them hope Gray speaks up. His voice is shaky, and quiet. "Maybe we should turn back."
Nar whips around from the front of the group. He unleashes his pent up anger on Gray with a quick, but loud "Maybe you should shut up!"
The rest of the group is silent, but the mood only worsens.
This night there is no planning. The group takes shifts on watch, but while on his shift Nar dozes off for a few minutes. When the group wakes up in the morning they find someone managed to steal a good chunk of their food. They'll have to eat a light breakfast. With their spirits nearly broken the group packs up what they have left, and begins their grueling march forwards. Asuka is convinced they're going to die on this road. Nar however manages to convince himself that things are about to turn for the better. The power of positive thinking hasn't left him yet.
As it turns out Nar's positive thinking was spot on. Not an hour after the group sets out for the morning one of them happens to spot a car in the distance. One that looks like it might just be usable. There was just one problem. There were a lot of zombies in the way.
Your Zombie Forecast is:
Swarm Size: Pretty Big
Aggression: Hunting
Time of Day: Early Afternoon
>Let's Boogie!
The group rushes forwards, bashing zombies in their way. Carmine and Nar stop to loot a few of the damaged cars. They find some extra gas, a few snacks, and even a tire iron. The zombies begin closing in on the group, and they have to fight even harder to break through. Exhausted, hungry, and almost out of hope the four fight desperately to make it to the car. Nar and Carmine take a few bites while trying to clear a path through. Gray swings the tire iron like a man possessed, screaming bloody murder. Asuka jabs zombies back with her bat. She doesn't have enough room to swing it without hitting a friend.
Finallly, the four ponies burst from the horde of zombies, and rush to the SUV that acted as their salvation. They find the doors unlocked, and begin to pile in. Nar has to toss an inanimate zombie from the driver's seat before he can start the car. Zombies begin to swarm the vehicle just as Nar gets the SUV started, shifts into drive, and punches the gas. A few zombies slide up and over the car, but they manage to get out alive.
Gray manages to find some more food in the back of the SUV, and the group feels inspired after managing to survive what was more than likely certain death. Maybe they could make it after all.
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