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by on December 28, 2020
When an old mare claimed to put a curse on Gray after he refused to give up food for a fortune everyone just thought she was crazy. Sure, magic was real, but she wasn't even a unicorn. How was she going to curse Gray without magic? "Uh. Guys?" Nar's voice cuts through the current conversation between Gray, Asuka, and Carmine. They all stop to listen. Asuka feels the car begin to slow down before it comes to a complete stop. Nar then finishes his statement. "We're out of gas." Everyone is qu...
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by on December 14, 2020
//Part two of the series featuring 2 characters I've been allowed to borrow. Music included. Asuka and Nar had been on the road for only two days, and they already found their food supply starting to run low. If they wanted to make it to Canterlot they'd have to stop regularly to gather supplies. This would be a much simpler task if it weren't for the fact that pretty much every place you could find supplies was either crawling with zombies, already looted, or both. The duo had already passe...
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by on December 11, 2020
//Had this idea for a series of stories in mind for a while. Decided it was time to start the darn thing. Also going back to an old habit and adding some music links to this series. Might feature some other people's characters in this series if their owners don't mind. It all went downhill so quickly. One day someone reports some weird symptoms to their local doctor. Next they're in the ICU, and a day later the hospital gets put into quarantine. Everything...
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