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polo fastter
by on February 15, 2021
(warning this post is twenty years into the future )
diamond cutter was a copper colored earth pony who works mostly alone in a glass making shop with a scream is heard. diamond cutter run to the scream and said "what wrong, are you hurt?". the changeling said in a scared voice" there a rat in there". diamond enter the room before locking the door and said "stay in there and don't move". the room was dark then the light come on as an upside down diamond was on a table as a few different species yelled "surprise". diamond fainted as the changeling unlocked the door and runs to diamond and said "wake up it's all right now". diamond slowly get up as a griffin cut the cake and said " sence you help everyone get i job we wanted to thank you for it"
diamond said in a small voice "thank you". everyone cut a piece into the cake as diamond slowly eat his piece and watches with a smile on his face. as everyone finishes diamond said "listen everyone i think it safe to say that we can go home for the day". everyone leaves as diamond walked with them looking around as a dragon fly past them. diamond walked to an alleyway and knock on the door and said "lavender spring are soothing". the door opened ad diamond walked in seeing a hooded figure drinking a bottle of apple cider. "hello cloth" diamond said in a cheerful voice as the hooded figure stopped drinking and said "if is isn't diamond how it going dude?". diamond grabbed the apple cyder the hooded figure had and finish drinking it and said "you know the usual, renewing glass statues". cloth chuckled a bit before saying "good for you now i will see you later ok?". diamond nods as everyone at the bar watches cloth leave the place.
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