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polo fastter
by on February 17, 2021
(warning this post is twenty years in the future and dark)
cloud pulled out the rift sword and said "i want to to run a small trip for me and if you come back here, you will be able to go free". a earth pony shake their head and said "thankyouiwillneverforgetthis" the earth pony runs out the door. cloud smiled and said "cause it to be late and take the bullet out of them when your done ok?". the griffin growls slightly before saying "it shall be done storm". cloud smiled for he has been running a hero organization for the past twenty years after polo vanished out little to no errors in the place and if an error happened normally cloud can deal with it. cloud looked outside of his window and watch the earth pony run across town before then vanished and said "look like another bill that i don't have to pay". cloud phone rings as a griffin said "business has been taken care off".
cloud smiled and said "good now clean up the mess and get cleaned up, i don't want to smell fish in here". the griffin leaves the alleyway and simple walked back to his place and took a shower. cloud son ran into his office and said "hi dad, i need to talk with you about someone". cloud looked at rain and sighs "and who is it this time?". rain just looked at cloud and said "he ask me about you and then told me about someone named darker." cloud just looked a bit shocked and said "are you sure it was a person and not just the time of day?". rain pulled out a photo of darker and angle wings and said "he gave me this but, i don't know them". cloud looked petrified and said "listen rain if they show up again call me ok". rain nods and leaves as cloud sit at his desk pissed off and said "look like someone playing a game with me, who ever they are i will kill them for this".
Topics: #loregang
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