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polo fastter
by on February 17, 2021
(warning this story is dark and twenty years into the future)
needle worked at his shop when someone runs in with a gun and said "this is a robbery, put your hoofs on the counter NOW". needle clinched to his chest as he falls to the ground as the robber looked at them and said "old timer you ok?". the robber was an inch close before suddenly they fell onto the ground like fabric as needle looked at them and put the weapon on the counter. needle shakes his head and folder the robber like a blanket and putting them on a shelf. speedy runs in and said "hay have you seen a unicorn run in here?". needle shake their head as he give speedy a gun and pointed the ground. "you found the unicorns gun here but, that all?" speedy said as needle gave them a hat and nods. "thank you for telling me this and thanks for the hat" speedy said as he runs outside as needle starts to clean his shop.
needle set out a new costume that look like a unicorn and put a sign that said "buy one get one free". needle sit behind the counter and ponies start coming in. a few hour pass before needle closed the shop for the day then, someone in a cloak walked in and said "i have come for my cloak". needle nods before leaving the room and a few minutes pass before needle set a box on the counter and write a note on the box that said 'first time is free to replace'. the cloak figure nod as he take the box and leaves as needle flipped the sign closed. needle walked home and enter his place when, his alarm goes off. needle hit the alarm box causing it to turn off.
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