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polo fastter
by on February 18, 2021
(warning this post is dark and twenty years into the future)
cloth was about celesteia's height and always where a cloak even right now as he sleep on a bench. a griffin started poking him as he simply mumbles something under his breath. the griffin got closer and said "what was that freak?". cloth grabbed the griffin beak with a dragon claw and said "leave me alone pigeon". cloth lets go and cover his dragon claw under his cloak. the griffin looked at cloth before pulling out a knife and said "you messed with the wrong griffin freak". the griffin swing only for cloth to move to the side and tackle him. cloth grabbed the knife and throwing it and said "don't even try that gain". the griffin seen cloth face and started panicking before flying away in fear. cloth walked into the bar and waited
cloth sat in a booth drinking an apple cider as a copper colored earth pony walked in and said "hi cloth you ok, you seem a bit quieter then normal". cloth looked at diamond cutter and said "just someone pulling a prank on me that all". diamond looked at cloth and said "that seem a bit more to it then what...". cloth slammed the bottle on the table and said "they use a knife and walked away ok". diamond nods and said "calm down ok cloth, you might scare away someone". cloth closed his eyes breaths out then said "ok doctor workaholic ". diamond and cloth started laughing then stopped after two minutes. "see you later i guess" diamond said as cloth walked to a bench and fell asleep on one.
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