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polo fastter
by on February 19, 2021
(no warning except it twenty years into the future)
diamond was drinking tea when toxic walked in and said "hello diamond am here on behalf of the doctor's office here to inform you that you skipped your appointment". diamond set the tea cup down and said "if that true then, explain this". toxic looked at the note and said "he change the time of your appointment then". toxic was an inch from diamond and said "you go to it or else i will be back with some of my 'assistants' ". diamond closed his eyes as toxic leaves and said " at lease the tea not cold". diamond take a drink and watches tv as he think about toxic warning. about five minutes has passed when, diamond put the tea kettle away goes outside.
diamond walked to the park to clear his head when he bump into a pegasus with a brown main and said "sorry i didn't see you there". the pegasus get up and said "no am sorry about it and please excuse me i have some where to be". diamond walked passed her as she vanished behind a tree. diamond keep walking in the park as it starts to rain outside and he said "rain. why didn't i bring an umbrella?". a few griffins surround diamond and said "give us your wallet or else". diamond looked at each griffin and said "look i have to get home now" a griffin punch diamond only for the griffin to yelp in pain from hitting diamond as he said "what are you made out of crystal?". diamond runs for shelter as the griffin suddenly all passed out on the path as he said "what just happened?". a note landed in front of him that said 'dear mr.cutter, i would like for you to join me in my manor to talk about your health and do bring your own mask , it also a small party". diamond put the note in his wallet and walked home to pack.
Topics: #loregang