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polo fastter
by on February 22, 2021
(warning it twenty years into the future and it get dark
a green earth pony works at the shop when a few changeling came in with guns and said "give us the money or else we terminate you...", the changeling suddenly hit the ground as a shelf landed on the three changelings and hunter said "get out or else i will send you six feet under". the changelings run out as speedy walked in and said "dad you okay?". hunter almost passed out and said "no, but take the shop am done with being robbed". speedy looked a bit surprised before saying "dad what going on?". hunter body seem like his hair was growing thicker as speedy started backing up. "get OUT!!!" hunter said as speedy almost looked like he teleported and locked the doors from the outside.
a few hours pass before a sound of knocking started from inside as hunter said "open the door". speedy unlocked the door and walked inside just to see the place in ruins. "listen dad why don't we go into everfree like the old days and talk?" speedy sand as hunter nods and walked with speedy. "how long have you been losing control like that?" speedy said as hunter looked at him. "a few days" hunter said as they make it to hunter cabin. "speedy lock this door and don't ever come back" hunter said as speedy started crying. "dad come on there has..." hunter grabbed speedy shoulder and said "you don't have the werewolf genes because i remove them from you at birth, we new this day would come now be a good stallion and lock the door". hunter walked inside as speedy shakenly put the lock on the door as a click sound happens. speedy put the metal bars onto the windows as hunter sat down on a chair thinking 'look like i can see you again'. speedy started walking away then looked back at the cabin and said "thanks for everything dad...". speedy walked away from the cabin as hunter closes his eyes then said "he did good, time for me to rest..."
speedy walked to the gun shop and set the keys in the mail box then write a note that said 'to anyone who want the shop it yours'. speedy grabbed the black knight armor from the back of the shop and put it on.
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