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polo fastter
by on February 23, 2021
(warning this story is twenty years in the future and dark)
diamond was working when a group of griffin walked in with machine guns and started firing. "give up all your money tomorrow or else we destroy this place..." one if the griffin said before all the table hit them all at once. speedy leaned against diamonds back and said " i heard the gun shots and came over everyone alright?". everyone was fine but the group of griffins where mostly groaning expect one who got up and said "fight me like stallion, coward". speedy goes to punch them before suddenly the griffin grabbed speedy neck and throws them a crossed the room. speedy get up almost instantly and said "why are you here?". the griffin replies "the copper one friend hurt my son, now leave or else". speedy run and leaves and the griffin grabbed a table and throws it at diamond who jumped out of the way. "i will make him suffer by, hurting you" the griffin said as suddenly a ten foot crystal vault slammed into the griffin ad speedy came back with a sledge hammer and said "um, who did that?". diamond and the other races looked at each other and shrugs.
diamond shop had tables destroyed, cracked floor, part of the sealing missing, and bullet holes all over the place. diamond got up and slowly walked to speedy and said "we can't work here now". speedy write a check that said '500,000 bits' on it and said "this should do". speedy leaves as guards walked in and arrested the griffins and putting chains on the one who got his by the vault. diamond walked outside and so did everyone else as he said "one month and the shop should be fixed so go home". they listen and leave as diamond walked to his apartment in the bad part of town.
Topics: #loregang
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