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Asuka Yakushi
by on March 29, 2021
//The final part of this story series. Featuring the 'climactic' final battle, and epilogue.
Featuring Gray Rivers Alton-Yuri, Silver Bullet, Carmine Gumshoe, Ruby Trogdon, Vanil, Celtic Cross, Ephemeria Spring, Sherem, Zerathur A. Naszberuk, and Thunder Riff with permission.
All spritework was originally made by Paul Robertson. I only made edits for the mentioned characters. I don't do requests/commissions since I am not the original artist. Human sprites because 1. I love Paul Robertson's work, and 2. I can't do anthro to save my life.
The vast expanse of the Glorian Amphitheater was almost mind boggling. The club was so large it almost fit as much as a small sports stadium. The exterior of the club betrayed it's true scope as the club itself was built partially into the ground, giving it much more room than one would originally guess.
A party of 6 ponies enters the club an hour before showtime. Three of the six are members of the band "Attack on Mango" while the other three are either self-proclaimed, or unwilling fans of the band. Upon entering the first to speak is one of the fans. A stallion in a slightly wrinkled tux with more bags under his eyes than a single mom at a grocery store. "Ah! The Glorian Amphitheater!" Gray takes a deep inhale of the crisp air. "Can you smell that Carmine?" He wraps a hoof over the slightly larger stallion's shoulder. The larger stallion seems confused. "You mean the air?" Gray simply laughs. "No!" A smile then forms from ear to ear on his face. "Booze!" The blonde mane'd mare of the band groans, and rolls her eyes, only to catch Gray's attention. "Oh don't be such a sourpuss Asuka! You guys are playing at the Glorian Amphitheater again! That's a great privilege!" Asuka once again rolls her eyes. "Were not even the main act. We're just the opener." Gray then shakes his head. "But you were also the opener last time, and look how that turned out! I can see it now! Attack on Mango skyrockets to the top of the charts! Merchandise sells out moments after hitting the shelves! People line up for miles for autographs!"
"Or we bomb, get ran out of Vanhoover, and flee to Yakistan." Quips the band's lead guitarist. This earns him a slight punch in the arm by the bassist. "Don't be an ass Roy. He's trying to inspire us." "Well I certainly don't feel inspired." At this point Gray steps in once more. "Hey hey! You guys will do fine! After all! You have at least three fans who came here to see you!" To which the last fan, Silver speaks up. "I came here for the bar." Gray is silent for a moment. "At least you have two fans!" Carmine doesn't bother to object. Before anyone else can speak Gray pats Asuka on the back before he begins his descent into the club proper. "Welp! good luck you three! I'm off to hit the bar!" He's gone before any of the group can get a word out. At this point Silver shrugs and follows after him. Carmine stays behind momentarily to ask a question. "So what happened to your friend Juno?" To which the bassist, Nar responds. "He got the flu. Not the best idea to be out partying when you're that sick." Carmine simply nods before wishing the band luck, and heading after the two stooges.
An hour later, Attack on Mango finds themselves on stage, waiting for their cue from the tech guys to tell them they're ready to go. Roy's face is drenched in sweat as he looks down at the thousands of ponies in the club. Thankfully the stage lights were low enough to where they wouldn't be able to see his terrified expression. As he begins to encourage himself in the back of his mind he hears the "CHUNK" of the stage lights being flipped on, and Asuka's voice echo through the club's speakers. "WE ARE ATTACK ON MANGO, AND WE'RE HERE TO-!" She's interrupted by a voice from below. "Attack on Mango! We're the Gofrets, and we challenge you to a Battle of the Bands!" Time seems to stop. This was it. The final battle. Without skipping a beat Nar sets down his bass, grabs his microphone, and shouts. "You're on!" Seconds later he's descending from the stage to confront the band. Asuka sighs, and follows after with Roy hesitantly following moments later.
When Asuka arrives at the bottom of the stage she finds a group of nearly 20 ponies waiting for them on the dance floor. Alongside the rather tall unicorn in the front of the group stood a slender pegasus mare. Asuka recognized her as Cindy Fairweather, one of Mandy Fullbright's rivals. She also happened to be the only mare in the group. Asuka looks to Nar. "Cindy's mine." To which the bassist nods, and proceeds to approach the unicorn.
As Asuka approaches Cindy the 18 other ponies of the Gofrets form a circle around the 4 ponies in the middle. Cindy grows a smug smirk as she begins to hurl insults towards Asuka. "So, Mandy decided to send her lacky to fight me in her place. And not even a pretty one at that." Asuka wanted to vomit. What was she, a 3rd grader? "Careful doll. Your porcelain might crack." Asuka quips back on her approach. Cindy growls before lunging forwards to attack. Her swings are quick, but not quite as precise as Asuka had expected from a model of her status. Meanwhile, Asuka dodged what attacks she could, but braced herself for whatever attacks she couldn't. Cindy out-ranged her by quite a bit, and she desperately needed to close the distance to get some hits in. In a fit of anger Asuka shouts to Roy, wherever he is. "Roy! Get over here and help us!" To which she gets the response. "I don't hit girls!" Frustrated, she's unable to properly scold him for his cowardice.
Glancing to her left she can see Nar get hit with some sort of magic attack from the unicorn, and get sent tumbling.
In her brief moment of inattention Cindy manages to grab one of Asuka's forelegs with her wing, and with a swift motion flips her face first onto the floor. Asuka feels the wind exit her lungs as she sprawls onto the floor with blood from her nose now streaked across the dance floor. As she regains herself and stands she hears a voice call out from the crowd.
Cindy turns to snap back at the belligerent Gray "I'm not a boy!"
Now it was Asuka's turn to catch Cindy off-guard. With a slight head-start Asuka charges forwards, and manages to barrel into Cindy before she's turned back fully. The two tumble to the floor, but Asuka manages to stand first, and pounces to deliver a few blows to Cindy's makeup covered face. The rest of the fight is barely even a challenge. Without her range advantage Cindy is unable to avoid Asuka's assault. Though she manages to stand, and back away while shielding herself with her wings Asuka does not relent. In a moment of savagery Asuka bites down on one of Cindy's wings, and rends the feathers from her wing. Mandy yelps in surprise, and pain before her wings are torn open by Asuka's hooves. Once inside Cindy's wings Asuka delivers a punch directly to Cindy's cheek, causing her to spill onto the dance floor. Cindy is left a weeping mess as the band's fans begin to swarm Asuka.
Nar found himself overwhelmingly outmatched by the leader of the Gofrets. As he rises from the large blast of force energy he'd been hit with the lead stallion smirks smugly. "Tough luck hoser. I actually know how to use magic." In his brilliant bank of insults Nar manages to blurt back. "This sucks! You suck!" The unicorn laughs before speaking again. "Why don't you just give up before you get hurt? You might loose your dignity, but at least you won't end up in the ICU." Nar growls as he attempts to approach again. This time he's hit with three arcs of magic, sending him tumbling again. "Just give up dude! You can't beat us!" As he stands Nar quips back. "You can't even beat me without magic, and you're the one talking about dignity!" The unicorn scowls before blasting Nar with a thorn whip spell. He then uses it to drag Nar up to his face.
However, Nar had decided to use his brain for once, and realized that this sudden burst of kinetic energy could be useful. "Listen here you little-!" The unicorn's anger is cut short as Nar's forehead slams into his own. He releases his spell, and Nar stumbles backwards onto his flank. After a moment of shock the unicorn cries out in anger, and begins to charge a frighteningly large fireball spell. As he charges, Nar looks for any way to avoid the attack, but finds no avenue of escape. He puts up his forelegs in a futile attempt to avoid being burnt to a crisp, and closes his eyes to await his instant broiling.
Nar could hear the unicorn continue to scream. Only as it continued, it became more pained, and terrified than angry. Opening one eye to see what was happening Nar manages to spot the unicorn with his eyes aglow, his horn bursting with arcane energy, and the fireball spell gone. Nar slowly lowers his guard to ask "Uh. You okay du-" He's interrupted as the unicorn explodes into a mass of feathers and chocolate coins. Nar blinks in confusion before turning to look to Asuka. Before he's able to turn his head fully Nar feels something small hit his head, followed by two more objects, then a dozen.
All of the occupants of the Glorian Amphitheater wince, and grunt as they attempt to shield their heads from the falling chocolate coins. Once the coin rain has subsided however patrons begin to crouch down to collect their booty of delicious coinage.
//Music because why not:
In the middle of the dance floor Nar looks to his right to see Asuka standing atop a pile of unconscious Gofrets fans, bellowing her victorious warcry. He looks on the ground before her to see Cindy lying on the floor in a puddle of her own tears. He's overcome with elation as the realization dawns on him. They've won the Battle of the Bands.
Nar takes a step forward, about to break out into a sprint to hug his cousin when a flash of light appears before him. After rubbing his eyes a few times Nar spots a golden trophy sitting on the dance floor. He walks over to pick it up, finding the words. "5th Annual Battle of the Bands Winners: Attack on Mango" etched into the plaque at the bottom. He hardly even notices Roy when he walks up behind him, and asks to see the trophy. In his stupor Nar simply allows Roy to slowly remove the trophy from his grasp. "Oh sweet! This might be real gold!" Roy clears his throat before he begins to back away from Nar. "Good job guys! We won the Battle of the Bands, and now we'll be famous all over Vanhoover!" By the time Nar looks up, Roy's 10 feet away. Nar shakes his head violently before he manages to shout. "HEY!" Roy turns, and breaks out into a sprint with Nar following suit. As Roy rushes past the pile of Gofrets fans Asuka hurtles from off the top of the pile, and prepares to divekick Roy into the shadow realm. Nar follows behind shouting. "GET BACK HERE ASSHAT! YOU DIDN'T DO CRAP!"
Roy ended up as another number among the pile of unconscious fans while his bandmates sauntered off to show their trophy to their fans, and pick up some sweet sweet chocolate coins along the way.
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