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by on August 1, 2020
//DISCLAIMER: Some of the content featured in this post may be unsettling, or disturbing to some readers. The streets of Ponyville had quieted down significantly compared to the afternoon buzz, and bumble. Where the streets had been filled with ponies trying to get from here to there just a few hours ago they were now largely empty, and quiet. The sun's light had stopped illuminating the streets thirty minutes ago, and the street lamps were all that provided light for the nighttime travelers...
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by on June 1, 2020
Nearly three weeks of constant battle. With freshly battle-scarred bodies, and exhausted minds the two casters trudge through the darkness ahead. The only light they have comes from a light cantrip being cast by the wizard. The light only illuminates 30 feet ahead with their path ahead shrouded in darkness. The two stopped trying to lighten the mood days ago. At this point they were both aware of how hopeless their situation was. They were sent in here to die. If the thing they were sent in here...
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