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polo fastter
by on April 6, 2021
(warning this contain lore about the movie canon timeline and it has someone getting wounded )
crimson night was fire after a lot of people canceled him on a website after he said "i just don't like dubstep". crimson sat there at a train station as light sky walked near him and said "sorry crimson but listen there a shop in marehatten that has a opening but, they kind of act like that one pony who use to work here, what was his name?". crimson looked at light and said "yarn cord". light give crimson a card as a train stop near him and said "trust me when i say their weird". crimson get on the train as light walk back to the studio to shot for the final season of the rift unit.
a few hours go by as crimson pack up the last box of stuff as a pegasus walked in and said "mr. night are you ready to go?". crimson nods as he pick up a few boxes and places them in the cart then, the cart driver drove off as crimson watch everything he own get stolen as he said " no...". he started following the cart as they enter a tunnel then, someone slammed into crimson knocking him unconscious. the cart driver move the cart near crimson as they said "did what you ask boss now what are we going to do with him?". the changeling looked at crimson and said "move him and his stuff in...". a few bolts of magic hit the changeling and pony as they hit the ground. a unicorn looked at crimson and said "look like i found you kid..."
a few days later crimson wakes up in a bed looking around the room. the room itself look like it came from one of those vampire movies with the chandelier that has the hanging crystal on it. crimson watch as the unicorn walked in and said "morning champ been what a few years since i seen you". crimson looked at the unicorn and said "how are you still here?". the unicorn replied "i got here after hearing something about you acting". crimson get off the bed as his wings are bound to his sides and said "what i mean is i heard that a boulder landed on you". the unicorn replied "it didn't even touch me, it simply landed on a cut down tree almost rolled onto me, lucky me" the unicorn said as he put a cup of coffee on the night stand and said "listen there is a crystal sword i need you to..."
crimson wakes up as he moves his wing as he walked down stairs and made coffee as he looked outside watching the rain fall as he drank a cup of coffee as a earth pony walked in and said "well it could be worst, you could of been captured luckily light sky came when he did". crimson sigh as he put the cup down and said "ya lucky me". it been a few months since crimson was attack by the changeling and the pony. the earth pony goes by the name of rain drops but, his cutie mark is a piece of cloth with a scalpel on it. rain drops check in on crimson ever week to make sure he doing fine and to check on his wings.
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