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polo fastter
by on July 4, 2021
mission log number: 2,137
location: pastel horse world
subject: depress horse
I have seen depress horse simply look out of a window for hours on end without looking anywhere else but that shop in the distance. I often wonder "why does he always look at that shop, does he have any family members other then the alien, demon horse that come over to his home every once in awhile just to talk". This depress horse always every once in awhile wonder outside of this building and go to some rocks with some carvings in it and simply looks at them like he seen something, maybe a friend or member of his own kind?
I have watch and interacted with other beings of this world and often witness these beings abilities that can very, perhaps I can try to see if I can use some of their abilities to repair the flock vessel to travel to our sun. Some of them suspect I am more then a simply sheep after they witnessed some of the flocks abilities first hoof, might have to tell the flock to limit their abilities until we have the ability to communicate with our overlord. the depress one talk about some sort of travel ability called rifts, maybe these being have higher tech then we anticipated.
I wonder if magic is code word for technology and if so how can I harness this power to be use in the power cell of this ship in order to make it run better then it did before crash landing here. the flock have discovered a few items that can repair the control panel for it to fix the communication to the overlord in order to at lease get a few modules for the ship.
end of log
Topics: #loregang