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by on September 4, 2021
Before I tell you my story, and before I delve too deep into the mystery of my life, I would like to explain what a Godhunter is.
Godhunters* -though far and few between- are trained fighters who serve only to delay, stop, or end those that wish to or have become gods. Gods, in this case, are ponies and creatures who have found power far beyond that of your average pony. Those that find artifacts, weapons, elixirs, and other means of incurring their deepest desires and manifesting them to reality. Godhunters are there to stop them. Too many times had ponies decided to take what is not theirs, and too many times had someone tried to stop them only to find the fight they waged was one they could not win. The mission of a Godhunter is not to kill, let me make that very clear. Murder is not the right way but is a last option when…required. We serve in the light of day, and the dark of night, right under the noses of even those that protect Equestria.
That is where I come in. A pony trained not just under one of the best bounty hunters the world has ever seen, my father, Alexander “Crow” Kingston, but also my mother, Rosa Cavalier. A mare of more mystery than even Celestia herself could handle. This…may be a bit of bias, because they are my parents after all. Between a bounty hunter and a Stars Huntress, I was raised not only with love, but with understanding, strength, and most of all courage.
With understanding of those I face I can become more than just any-pony else. Understanding is knowledge and with such strength can be used best; like arrows fired at moving targets. Strength leads to courage, a trust in not only oneself but in those that are close. Courage is a key to a clear mind with a capability of almost anything. So when you pull back the string, breathe in the air slowly with the draw, you understand your target. You understand how the arrow flies and how it wobbles side-to-side on release. You have the strength to make a mistake. To fail. To miss. Finally, you have the courage to try again.
To understand this is to understand the life of a Godhunter and further understand me.
This is my story. The story of a Mouse.
*Godhunter is a title they are given, but don’t be surprised if you see it written naturally as God Hunter/God Huntress or just Hunter/Huntress as well. Rosa's will always be mentioned as Stars Huntress in this story. First chapter coming later today or tommorrow! (Hopefully. It may take until the ...View More