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polo fastter
by on October 12, 2021
Polo was working as his shop as a few people walked in before someone in sunglasses said "Hello Mr.Fastter we are here today to buy your shop with everything inside for 250,000 bits." Polo sighs and said " This place is not for sale and won't be for a VERY long time mister." The stallion seem shocked for a second before saying "Okay look my father want to buy this plot of land for something that..." Polo hoof slammed down on the counter and said "Not for sale and don't try the for the good of the people or what ever you are about to say because am not interested." The stallion stop smiling as he look sort of angry before calming down and said "fine just remember I offered..."
A few days later Polo's shop was vandalized as the sign that how the shop name has spray-paint on it with the words 'get lost' on it. Windows are busted in, potion bottles broken on the ground, the front door is missing, bits scattered on the ground. Polo looked at the shop not smiling bit as he made his way to the vault that was halfway though the back wall of the shop. He slowly pulled it out of the back wall as some of it fell down. He opened the vault as everything was missing from it before he sigh and said "Well, at lease I still got..." The last potion bottle hit the ground as he just hears it break.
Sheep walked near the shop as it watch Polo walking out of the place as the building had a new sigh with the words 'closed for remodeling'. "baaa baaaa?" Sheep asked as Polo didn't say a single word back as he keep walking.
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