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King Artemis
by on June 11, 2022
"I'm not crazy! I never was! I know where I am! I know what I am! I know who I am! My name is Black Rose. I was a former magician under the orders and surveillance of Nightmare Moon. I was...taken! Taken from my family in order to serve our Dark Leader! Our glorious darkness in the harmful rays of the light. I'm not crazy. Don't think my writings are fiction! What I speak is real!.......The Nightmare has fallen. Defeated. Gone. The Sun Ruler has bested him. Us. All of us! Our leader is dead. Must be. Not a trace of a body or bones. Evaporated or turned to nothingness. The Light Magic. It killed him! The Elements! That pure magic. It killed him! They speak banishment! B-But I know better! Banishment won't serve his crimes! Only death...
I'm not crazy. I'm sane. I know that our Nightmare Moon is dead. B-But! He will return! He will return! Return, return, return, return!!!
There is a world. A world beyond our world. Tethered to our lands, like a rope or string. A connection. A link. A bond. T-This world. I-I've seen it! Glimpses of it! In my dreams! It-It's demented. It is wrong. It very, very right. Ruch! Rich! Rich! Rich! The Arcane is Rich! The air, the land, the sky, the water! Arcane! Arcane! Arcane! Full Pure Arcane! Feast! Feast! They feast. Creatures! Like me, like you, like every living thing in our lands and sea! Creatures like us. Creatures not like us! Arcane! Arcane! They eat Arcane. They manipulate Arcane. They....are...Arcane!
I'm not crazy! It exists! It is real! Death. Death. Death. It is not a means to an end! Not for Arcane! Delicious Arcane! Do you support Arcane? Do you enjoy the feeling of Arcane? Do you wish to master Arcane? Foolish! Foolish! Foolish! Foooolish! You can't master Arcane! You are nothing! A mere mortal! Arcane masters you! Arcane controls you! You could never truly control it! Never.....
Unless you're dead. Dead. Dead! Spirit! You ever seen a Spirit! You have! Don't deny! Never deny! The shadows in the woods. The glimpse of movement in the corner of your eye. The creaks in your house. The noise in the most silent moments. They exist! They travel! They merge! Bond! Hosts! Compatible hosts! Passed down in blood or merely for survival! Curse! Curse! It's a curse! A Spirit is a curse! Not always! But also Always! Death existed. No more. Death is nothing of word for Spirits! They are birthed! Reborn! The World of Arcane! The Rich World of Arcane! Limbo! Limbo! Limbo! It is Limbo. New Land. New Life. Arcane!
I'm not crazy! I'm sane! The Arcane World. No mere mortal can travel. No mere magician can find. Chosen. You must be chosen. Chosen to witness it! Chosen in Arcane! Arcane is the key! Your Death! Your practice! Your life! Death of Arcane? Invitation. Practiced Arcane? Invitation. Arcane in your blood? Invitation. It is your new home! Your new purpose! You are dead! But you are alive! Arcane keeps you alive! A spirit! You are a Spirit! Arcane is your survival! Your Leader! Thou who possesses Arcane? Possesses you! Don't fight it! Never fight it! If you enjoy Arcane! Suffer the effect! Endure the baggage! Live life for it!
He will return. Nightmare Moon will return from death. Don't believe the papers. Don't believe the Sun. Banishment is myth. Banishment is fiction. Our Nightmare is Dead. But he'll resurrect. And he'll bring forth the Dark world....into our world.
Arcane is powerful. Arcane is control. Arcane is greed."
Magician Black Rose: Three Months after Nightmare Banishment
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