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Knight Wolf
by on March 17, 2022
Ever since they voiced their feelings for each other they had grown slightly awkward, unsure of how to treat whatever their relationship had become. Knight hated it, he kept thinking of ways to end this annoying awkwardness.
In the time they had traveled, they now found themselves flying through snow covered hills, a place called bleak valley. It was snowing slightly and the breeze was cold but neither of the two were cold, Knight had his thick coat of fur and it helped keep Devine warm who rode on his back.
Devine was just as annoyed with this wall they made between themselves, was it a mistake to tell each other the truth? Should they have been quiet? She doesn't know.. does she regret it? She doesnt know either.
"Knight? Can we talk, I think-" she starts before she gets cut off by someone screaming behind them
"Fly faster! They are pissed!" A brown griffin yells as he flaps past them carrying a large honeycomb, and behind him, several bug bears roared in anger and now they glared at Knight and Devine
"KNIGHT MOVE IT!" she yells and Knight takes off, he reaches the griffin who was currently stuffing his face with the honey while flying quickly.
"You stole the bug bears honey?" Knight asks with a chuckle
"Morph like borroph," he tries to say as he chewed on it, he then swallowed, "Sorry, more like I borrowed it," he says with a grin
"Borrow?! How exactly will you return it to them?" Devine asks and the griffin raises a talon then realizes he cant and stays quiet then shrugs.
Just then a bug bear catches up and swipes at them which makes them go faster, Devine takes fruit out of their pouch that Knight carries and sticks it on an arrow, she then shoots it between the bears who smell it and chase after them, which lets them lose them.
Later that day they were resting on a hill, Devine had her telescope out as she searched for the bears, "It looks like we lost them," she says as she turns to the griffin, "Now, since you saw to putting our lives in danger, I think you owe us an explanation," she says glaring at the griffin who smiles sheepishly at her.
"Names Talon," he says standing up and smiling at them, "Sorry for the trouble, and thank you for the help," he says as he takes another piece of the honey comb and chews on it.
"Hey!-" she was about to protest when Knight stops her, "What?" she asks as he looks at him, "Look calmly," he says and she turns to the griffin, now that she looks closer, he is very thin, too thin, she then quiets down, "Oh," she says as she sits.
The griffin looks at them and stops, " I know what your thinking.." he says and Knight smiles, "Oh and that is?" he asks
"Your thinking, what a poor griffin, so skinny and frail looking.. but I dont need your pity, I'm alive and I've survived everything this world has thrown at me, and I will continue to survive," he says defiantly.
Knight smiles at him and Devine smirks," Actually," Knight said as he walked up to him and took the honey comb in his mouth, and tosses it to Devine who catches it in an arrow so she doesnt get all sticky, "I was thinking you dont need that," he says as the griffin yells in protest.
"I see what this is, you two think you can beat me and take off with my spoils! Well I wont let you have it without a fight!" He yells angrily as he tries to look menacing.
"Oh? You think you can take us?" He says standing tall and looking down on the young griffin.
"Pshyeah! I stole those from a hive of bug bears, I cant take on a single wolf!" he says as he looks Knight over, a wolf with wings? That is strange, he then looks him over more, he is a very large wolf, his claws are bigger than his talons, his large canines could bite him in half, and then he looks into his eyes, his bright blood red eyes, they look down at him and he pales, his knees weaken and he shivers.
"I-I..." he tries to say through his shaking, "I wont die here.. I WONT!" he yells as he gets ready for a fight.
A gleam passes through Knights eyes as he looks upon the griffin, "Then come," he says to him, the griffin then gives off an eagles cry and charges at him, he is clumsy and slow and when he gets to Knight, Knight simply side steps him and hits the back of his head knocking him out.
The griffin falls and Devine walks up to him, "I know that look, what are you thinking?" she asks him
"The kid has heart, and a will to live that is admirable," he says to her, "I'll go hunt for me and him," he says as he turns away, "what about me?" she asks slightly annoyed that he forgot her. He chuckles, "I said hunt, or are you suddenly a carnivore?" he asks and she opens her mouth but then huffs.
"You could at least get me some fruit or else I'll have to dig into our packs," she says and he tilts his head, "Didn't I pass you a honey comb?" he says and she looks at her arrow, "Oh yeah, nevermind I'm fine," she says as she digs into the food.
Hours later the griffin begins to stir, "Ow," he says as he tries to get up with wobbly feet, he then see the other two and smells fish cooking, his mouth begins to water.
"You are an idiot, trying to fight me when you are obviously too worn out and malnurished," Knight says to him, "Come, sit," he says as the griffin looks at him and at Devine who is apparently already asleep on Knights back.
"You.. didnt kill me?" Talon asks
"Kill you? Why would I do that?" Knight asks
"Food?" Talon says as Knight chuckles.
"You food? You're more bones than meat, I'd get nothing off of you," he says with a grin as he tosses him a large cooked fish, "eat up, I dont need you dying on me," he says.
Talon catches the fish and begins to eat eagerly, "This is so good, mmph," he says as he eats, he ends up eating five more fish before taking a large drink of ale that Knight carries around and sighs falling to his side, his eyes are weary and he feels sleepy, "Thank you," he says as he tries to get up.
"Go to sleep," Knight tells him, "Now you rest, tomorrow, we will speak," he says and Talon doesnt try to protest, his body more than agrees and he instantly falls asleep.
Knight smiles, this young griffin is very skinny and small, he must have had a hard life, but his heart is strong, and it seems he has a stroke of luck, he grins at the future.