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Briea Lyn Miller
by on June 13, 2022
Lore: Utterly failing to pursue her goal to develop her multiverse technology and magic on a large scale through every avenue available, Briea was out of funding and relying on an abandoned scrap yard for parts to keep her prototype technology running. With the help of her otherworldly companion, Xander, Briea devised a plan. She would approach a publisher with a chronicling of her adventures in journal format under the guise of the adventures being fiction. The publishers adored the idea of a fictional adventurer inventing multiverse travel and chronicling her adventures, and funded the publication of the first issue as well as a preliminary run of four other issues in the series. they were published under the Pseudonym Beatrice Lulamine Maisiel
---- Beatrice's Guide to the Multiverse: Issue #1; The Post Apocalypse ----
Preface: the Multiverse
The Multiverse is a frighteningly alienating concept, Infinite parallel universes with infinite possibilities, and it, my dear reader, is as real as the ink on this page.
Four years ago i left everything behind to pursue the concept of the multiverse and it's infinite possibilities, and last year, i learned that same fact, that it very much is real, and i have in fact traveled from one universe to the next. these books will be chronicling my adventures through the universe and it's infinite possibilities.
Come with me dear reader and step into the infinite wider universe.
Beginning: The Post Apocalypse
My first trek into the multiverse was over a year ago, i knew frighteningly little about traveling through the boundaries, and my only way back at the time was building a portal device on the other side. fortunately for me, the first place i traveled to was wealthy with technology, unfortunately for me however, this world was also 200 years into a nightmare scenario, a total post apocalypse.
This world was destroyed and feral, and it was rare to find an area of civilization that would hesitate to draw firearms on you, and even less that would hesitate to shoot on sight. fortunately for me, i met a friendly Zebra named Alexandria who was also running from the dangers of the apocalypse.
Along the way, i discovered she had knowledge and a device that could help lead me to the supplies i would need to make the return trip home. in return for her assistance, I agreed to bring her back with me to my home universe and offer shelter.
On the travels to the destination, Alexandria informed me of what she knew had caused the end in this world, and how ponies had survived. 200 years ago the nations and people of Equis had gone to war over dwindling resources and rising tensions, and it had resulted in the end of the world, or so it would have been had ponies not prepared their survival in great underground shelters.
Alexandria was from one of these shelters, and the device that she was given there, a wrist mounted computer unlike any other i had seen, would help us on our journey, in the form of an incredibly advanced map system. the shelter itself she had grown up in would be the source for all of the supplies i needed to build my way home.
The journey itself however was not so easy. It required a trek through the infamous everfree forest, which in this universe, was even more devious and deadly, filled with irradiated monsters and plants out to kill us. luckily Alexandria was quick and knew brews to keep us healthy when injury was sustained.
It took three days to make it through, and we sustained plenty of injuries on the way, but we survived and we had arrived at the underground shelter. from there it was a matter of clearing out irradiated monsters from within, and getting to work.
Needless to say, the journey was arduous and painful, but i would not have made it if it were not for the friend i had made, as well as a guide book i found along the way, which i have attached for your reading pleasure. thank you all for reading the start of my adventures, and i hope there will be many more to come.
Do tune in to my next issue, and thank you for reading Beatrice's guide to the Multiverse.
---- Fin ----
Attached in photo scans in the book, was a damaged and dirty copy of a book called the wasteland survival guide issue one (heavily edited however), drawn in crude crayon, but rather informative on how to survive in the post apocalypse.
The book was rather largely successful with first time readers, and Briea was able to make a more efficient and enhanced version of her multiverse technology with the small amount of royalties.
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