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King Artemis
by on April 8, 2022
(?): What are thy words which my ears are deciding to hear? Are you speaking that Mama's Village is currently unavailable for approach? As if I, your Dark Lord, does not possess the power to do so?
(?): My Dark Lord, it would appear that Mama and her village had run into some fortune for the time being. The Moon had decided to pour darkness close to her lands. The birthing of new creatures is currently taking place. It would be unwise to disrupt the process. As you are always aware....rebirths take up to a week. We are of no choice as to wait it out. Going in now and causing commotion would disrupt the land greatly...
Dark Lord: Tsk!...How utterly useless my guardians are. Unable to wipe out a small forest village run by a old Griffon. Fine, it seems we are at stalemate with the land. Mama is unaware of our plan regardless. The Land must be aware of her future fate, giving her more final days until her end. So shall it be. Tell me then....If Mama is no longer a focus as of now? What about this damned Arcane Spirit.
(?) My Lord....the Spirit wasn't alone this time.... Sources and spies have confirmed...three other intruders. An Alicorn, Royal Blue. A Pegaus, white as snow. And another Spirit. Bat in nature. Arcane as well, but not as overwhelming in it as the main Spirit that has been killing our guardians.
Dark Lord: Useless! The lot of you! Intruders! In my land! In my world! Roaming around...spreading their filth into our air. Threats to our power. This....Arcane Spirit. What I wouldn't give to meet him. To study him. To....devour him. A being as powerful as myself in Arcane. Truly...impossible. At least it should be.
(?): My Lord....All we have as research is...well this.
A feather seems to be presented. A blueish color of sorts, dripping with powerful Arcane. A feather that most likely belong to the Arcane Spirit. The Dark Lord took hold of it, examining it. Smelling, breathing in, tasting almost. The Arcane. Powerful. Familiar. Too Familiar. Wide eyes presented on the Dark Lord.
Dark Lord: *Whisper* Arold my old friend.....How has life been treating you....
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