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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
by on May 24, 2022
(Okie dokie! Let's do a new episode, shall we? In this one, we find our heroes returning to the Elements of Insanity universe. Stishoe, Stickman's Elements of Insanity counterpart, has trouble brewing in the EOI universe. Stickman and his friends must restore the EOI's powers after they are stolen by Stishoe. But how sane can you be in this universe? Find out... -Stickman)
Our story begins in the Elements of Insanity universe. In Stishoe's hideout, trouble was brewing. And I don't mean potions. "Mwahahaha! Finally, I will have enough of... something... to take down those wretched normal counterparts of mine!" Stishoe said. Stishoe, for those who aren't in the know, is Stickman's Elements of Insanity counterpart. He was once the Stickman we all know and love, until he got infused with the most dangerous TF2 crazies of them all. To blend in with the other Elements of Insanity of course. Which ones are they? Even that was lost to time. But it all went wrong. Through this infusion, This Stickman became Stishoe, took over the Elements of Insanity universe, took over the EOI version of Canterlot Castle, and made the Elements of Insanity his servants. Think Spamton G. Spamton from Deltarune 2 but even crazier and deadlier. Fortunately, a distress signal was sent out to the USF's prime universe, allowing Stickman and friends to come in and give Stishoe a new one, driving him back into the dark and saving the EOI universe, allowing the EOI to do... whatever it is they do. Time and time again, Stishoe would come out of hiding to do some evil plot within the EOI universe, but time and time again, Stickman and his friends, teaming up with the EOI, take down Stishoe. However, now, Stishoe finally may have a way of taking down our heroes and taking over the EOI universe, finally having his revenge. "This potent vapor, when inhaled, will snatch all the powers from those who have powers, and give them unto me! If I can't have the EOI... I will become the EOI!" Stishoe said, cackling into the cave. Things didn't look good.
Stickman and his friends went into the EOI universe for a diplomatic meeting with Brutalight Sparcake, Twilight Sparkle's EOI counterpart. Since the latest defeat of Stishoe, Brutalight took it into her own hands to take the reigns of the EOI universe. Brutalight Sparcake is the combination of Christian Brutal Sniper and Weaslecake, two TF2 crazies. These 2 combined into Twilight makes her very powerful. Once near the EOI Canterlot Castle, Stickman and his friends made their way to the throne room. In the throne room sat the other Elements of Insanity. There was Fluttershout, infused with SoundSmith, Applepills, infused with Louis (Even though I guess he wasn't a TF2 character.), Rainbine, infused with Scoutbine, Rarifruit, infused with Rubberfruit, and Pinkis Cupcake, infused with Painis Cupcake. Once in front of Brutalight, Stickman and his friends bowed. "No need for formalities, Stickman. You are amongst friends here." Brutalight said. Stickman and his friends got up. As they talked, the panes on the EOI castle breaks. In came some vials which broke onto the ground. Stickman, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu notice the vapors and cover their mouths. Unfortunately, the EOI weren't lucky in time, and Stickman and his friends notice that they were being sapped of their powers, magic and all. They collapse to the floor. Stickman, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu, all while putting on respiratory masks in being careful of not breathing in the vapors, grabbed the EOI and made their way out of there. As they made their way out of the castle, they would notice that their normal EOI appearances were going back to their normal appearances, the ones before their transformations. The five friends got the EOI to a safe place. Meanwhile, Stishoe made his way inside the throne room, now holding 7 vials, each with the EOI's TF2 freak spirits inside of them. "Finally... This hour is mine!" Stishoe said as he cackled.
CHAPTER 3: Recovery and Regrouping
Once they were far enough away, the EOI woke up. They noticed their appearances was that before their transformations. "What happened?!" Brutalight, now Twilight, yelled out. "It seems Stishoe stole your powers, Brutalight." Stickman said. "It looks like he stole all of your powers." Yinu said, concerned. "I'll go ahead and contact the other counterparts. See if they can figure out a way to bring back your powers." Stickman said as he made some calls. A few minutes later, the prime Twilight Sparkle and the Equinox version of Twilight, Dimmed Star, comes through two portals. "I'm surprised you called me back here." Dimmed Star said. "I'm quite surprised too. Why have you called us?" Twilight said. She took one look at Brutalight and sighed. "Let me guess. Your insanity counterpart is at it again." Twilight said. Stickman nodded. "Alright, let me see if I can run some tests back at the TF2 graveyard and see if we can get their powers back. I'm not 100% sure we can get a copy of their freak spirits back into them, but we can try." Twilight said. "We have to try." Jewel said. "It's all we can do." Dimmed said. After a while, they met up at the TF2 Graveyard. Twilight and Dimmed put their scientific heads to good use, despite one being completely insane due to the mutagen smoke that was in their world. That being Dimmed's world. "So... I got some bad news." Twilight said, looking sad. "We tried recalling the TF2 freak spirits back to the respective graves so we could try and get the freaks back inside the Elements of Insanity here. Unfortunately... it seems Stishoe has them locked up tight somewhere." Brutalight looked at her normal counterpart. "Is... there any good news?" Brutalight asked. "Yes. You will need to break those vials in order to release the TF2 freaks back into you. Me and Dimmed can come along to try and redirect the TF2 freaks back into your respective bodies. It's gonna be a fight though, so prepare yourselves." Twilight said. Stickman looked back at the weakened EOI. "Why... don't you guys stay behind. You're clearly in no shape to fight." Stickman said. Pinkis rubbed her head. "Yeah... Good idea." Pinkis Cupcake said. Stickman, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu made their way back to the EOI Castle.
CHAPTER 4: Madness Restored
Stickman and his friends made their way through the EOI castle, fighting off Stishoe's insane minions. They made their way to the throne room, where Stishoe was waiting. "I was hoping for you guys to come back. Now I can finally steal your powers and rule all of the universes!" Stishoe said as he waved his cape. He tossed out some vials. With some quick thinking, Jewel froze the vials before they made it to the ground. "Good thinking, sis." Stickman said. Stishoe looked on in anger. "Fine. I'll deal with you myself!" Stishoe said as he leapt from the throne and engaged with the heroes. During a part of the fight, it was getting dire. Stickman then got an idea and quickly summoned his Phantom S keyblade. He launched some projections at the vials hanging above the throne. The projections cut the vials into bits, releasing the TF2 freak spirits. They went out to the EOI, to which Twilight and Dimmed worked to restore the respective Elements of Insanity, which they pulled off without a hitch. The EOI were restored! Brutalight teleported everyone back to the EOI castle, where the heroes were fighting Stishoe. Brutalight launched some of her plasma swords at Stishoe, to which he avoided. Seeing as he was outnumbered, he made a hasty retreat. "One day, I will take over this universe, and the other universes!" Stishoe said as he leapt from one of the broken panes. With that, peace was restored back to the EOI Universe again.
EPILOGUE: Craziness unbound
After a while, the panes that Stishoe broke were repaired again, and Stickman and his friends finished up the diplomatic stuff. "I assure you that if Stishoe ever shows his face around here again, we will take care of things." Stickman said, bowing toward Brutalight. "Thank you, Stickman. And thank you again for restoring our powers back. We uhh... were getting kinda low without them." Brutalight said, scratching her head. "Oh it's fine. We can't have this universe fall to my insane counterpart." Stickman said. They all laughed. Stickman and his friends waved goodbye as Dimmed and Twilight went back to their respective universes. Meanwhile, Stishoe was already plotting his next revenge. "You may have won today, my normal counterparts... but next time you won't be so lucky!" Stishoe said as he cackled loudly into his lair. It seems our heroes won't be seeing the last of Stickman's insane counterpart...
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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Please excuse the constant editing ^^; Anyways! Yep, this is another new episode. I wanted to reintroduce the Elements of Insanity, a concept done by TheInvertedShadow, back into my series. I had expanded on this in series' past, but never formally introduced them into the reboot universe. Well, now... View More
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