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by on February 4, 2023
Greetings and hello! This is Thomas Reid of the childrens wing. I specialize in child psychology and humane human transformation.
This was what my goal is. Now my goal is to not only save what children I can buy uncover corruption unlike anything. I will be going over every 224 cases involving child experimentation here at Sunnyside Childrens "Hospital and Orphanage".
Our first case is going to be about myself. Unlike my cohorts, I use only willing people and myself. However, I have done unspeakable things that will be discussed at some point. I have vastly discussed and researched my own blight. One I do not share with many.
You see every mutant who was changed later have two forms. Not every mutant will be able to utilize this and many won't since covers failed experimentation. Which there is many of.
Mine is considered a win in many cases but I consider it a failure.
I am considered a 'Cult Leader'. Cultists are unidentified and humanoid creatures whose entire body is a mouth. The body is lumpy, dry and similar to that of a dry corpse.
They slump down and their spines are curved. Their eye sockets are rectangular in shape. Their arms are long and short or a mix of both. They can be no larger than seven feet or less than three feet. They range in many body types but usually what they were originally is the opposite to ehat they use to be. For example, tall? Cultist will be small. Fat? The cultist will be skinny.
This leads to a large amount of variants. They have large angler style mouths and have no neck or abundance of neck. For they are on large entity with legs and arms. They hands are large with longer fingers.
These mutants are not intelligent. They often don't think for themselves and hang out a Cultist Leader. If you see a pack of cultists appear then run quickly as the leader is nearby.
They are called cultists because they wear cloaks that is form fitting. This is a humanitarian learned perception. In other words, cultists do retain some level of what they use to be. Normal. They wear clothes. Can recognize english and feel pain. They also almost always carry make shift weapons from rocks and or sticks. Sometimes leather. This includes:
Spears, knives, sling shots, bows and even ineffective rock based guns.
Cult leaders are the same class but vastly different. They are almost always large and skinny. They have large fingers and pencil thin arms. Skinny legs and malnourished chests.
They have large thick teeth that take takes up half their face. They have no lips or eyes. Only rectangular eyesockets. The teeth are incredibly powerful despite the thick dull look. The thick teeth and easily tear away bones and flesh by using a grind method.
One swipe of the teeth and it can grind up an entire body of a humanoid creature. They also hold giant weapons made of rocks. Hammers, sickles, large scythes, and finally simply just rocks. The reason for such is because a lot of cult leaders were chosen by hard working farmers or labor job workers. Hence the farm-like weaponry.
Don't underestimate the weapons, it is large enough to smash or slice you to bits in one swoop.
Cult leaders are intelligent. They move slowly and strength above all else. However, they can speak and hold odd conversations that make no sense or don't even string a sentence.
That was a qoute from a poor Cult Leader. Again, this is purely permutation thinking. It is cycling everything it had witnessed or done by using archaic lingo. The cult leader in question was a duck hunter. His favorite food was spahgetti. His favorite dog was put down. Fear of being taken. He sees himself turning into a monster. A sense of helplessness.
Don't let it fool you. It will attack on sight. It is dangerous. This is a cult leader because it can command other cultists but not other leaders. In fact, cultists treat cult leaders as gods. They worship like normal everyday religious people.
They are mimicking the ideals of religion and the cult leader a pastor. They will also stop what they are soing just to do a sermon of sorts.
This odd phenomenon is called "Hopeless Prayer". This power allows cultists to do various things involving power. However, it almost never happens. When it does, it transforms a normal cultist into a leader and leader into a zealot. Which we will discuss later.
By themselves, cultists and Cult leaders are sluggish and slow but in numbers they are terrifying. Especially near zealots. I am considered a hyper intelligent Cult leader.
Cultists are the most common and even can use invisibility magic. They can stay in this form for a very long time to ambush people.
All in all, if you see a cultist...
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