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Knight Wolf
by on February 22, 2023
"Will you tell me why you have been holding back?" Devine asks Knight as they lay together in a tent.
He takes a deep breath and turns to face her, "Long ago I fell in love, but the one who I fell in love with was someone who I was not able to be with easily, we faced many difficulties and all who knew us stood against our relationship. We were even engaged at one point but our opposition was so dead set on ensuring we would never wed that they attacked her during her bachlorette party. She loved me as much as I loved her, but she also loved the ones who opposed us, in the end.. she just loved them more than she loved me and betrayed me... things only got worse after that," he says and she looks at him surprised.
"Wow, I am sorry for making you remember such a thing, I want to say that I will never betray you but I can just guess how bitter those words must be to you," she says softly, "but... I am in love with you and the way I feel now says that I will always have your back.. I will not betray you," she says smiling at him
Her words meant more to him than she realized, for a long time now he has lived with the thought that he has no one by his side, but now, he can see her with him, and it gives him a comfort he has not had for a long time.
"Thank you Devine," he says as he leans in to kiss her, she closes her eyes and waits for him kiss her.
"Just so you know, I won't betray you either," Talon says from his tent which causes the two to stop.
"Thank you Talon," Knight says annoyed at being interrupted, he then goes to kiss Devine again who only smiles and closes her eyes again.
"Are you two going to do it again? Please don't, you guys aren't the quite type," Talon says from his tent
Devine blushes madly at hearing this.
"TALON!" Knight yells from his tent
"Sorry, I shouldn't have said that out loud," Talon says, "should we celebrate that fact that you two are dating now?" he asks
"TALON!" Knight yells again
"Sorry, probably best to save that for the morning," Talon says as he gets comfortable in his sleeping bag
Devine stops blushing and just giggles at this but then she frowns, "Knight?" she calls softly
"Yes?" he replies while getting comfortable in the sleeping bag they were sharing
"Are we dating? Not that we have to put a name on it or anything, you know if you don't like that but well you know.." she says feeling timid again
He smiles at her and chuckles, "I would like to think we are dating," he says and she smiles brightly, she hugs him and kisses him happily
"Yay you are dating," Talon says from his tent
"DAMMIT TALON!" Knight yells
"What I thought it was a good thing?" Talon says back
"Just go to sleep already," Knight says as Devine only giggles at the two, and for a few moments it was quiet, they were all slowly falling asleep.
"Guys?" Talon calls out
Knight sighs while Devine holds in her laughter, "What Talon," he says
"We are out of money..." Talon says, "And we're out of supplies," he adds
"Damm.." Knight says and shoves his face into his pillow, "Guess we have to look for work tomorrow," Knight says with a yawn, Devine cuddles close to him, enjoying the warmth he gives off in the chilling cold night.
"I think you guys are a cute couple," Talon says
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