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Alder Pinedrake
by on May 10, 2023
I have decided to make this blog about my oc!
I wanted to make this since not a lot of my friends understand so I decided to have a further explanation! (plus someone asked)
Mituna is a Meif'wa! Which means half human and half cat. Most meif'wa's only have cat ears and tails, and they jump really high. But I wanted to make mine almost accurate.
My version of a Meif'wa is a cat that stands on two legs and with a human personality and human vocals. Basically a furry.
Mituna is also tiny!!!! He is about 4'9 since he's a cat and small. In his family, he was basically the "runt" which lead him to get special treatment in his family in order to grow bigger and yet he is still tiny! His body is slim like a cat but he still got some curves. In other words, he looks very feminine.
Mituna is very curious and sensitive. Most things make him cry.
When Mituna feels strong emotions his fur will stand up (Kinda like how when a cat's tail gets bushy and the hair rises when they're scared) He turns into a major fuzz ball! Like a pomeranian! The only strong emotions that make his fur react like this are happiness, fear, and love!
He LOVES attention!
If he likes someone in any way you will know because he will constantly beg for attention or try to nuzzle the person until he gets pets or rubs.
He's also a silly dramatic femboy, so if he wants to give you a shock he'll go beyond to make sure you really are SHOCK.
Remember, Mituna is half-cat. So he still has the personality of a cat!
This is the best way I can explain more about Mituna, if I think about anything else I'll add an editor's note to this one or make a part 2.
/ᐠ - ˕ -マ ~ Meow
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