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(Future King) Artemis
by on October 22, 2021
Concentration. It's the first rule of all magic users attempting any form of spectacle performance. Magic starts at the base of concentration. Wiping away the world around you, whether it be for hours, minutes, or seconds, to purely focus on what you attempt in achieving. It's at this beginning stage where no mistakes must come into being. For the most minor distraction or hesitation will only result in failure. Sadly....failure was a common pattern as of late.
A small flower was straight ahead. Placed ever so lovely in a glass vase designed to keep it healthy and alive. However the flower in question was no where near being healthy. No where being near what it could be. No petal or bloom. The flower was only looking down, discolored and dying. Dying, but not for long. An aura of darkness seemed to surround the delicate floral. Surrounding it and covering it. Consuming it. Choking it out of it's last life. Withering it away as fast as the magic appeared. So fast, yet so subtle. Truly, darkness had devoured the plant.
"This is so pointless! Five flowers....all choked and withered. Every adjustment, every new direction, every new focus I take? It always results the same! A damn dead flower. Worthless!" Frustration and irritation. A common trait to the personality of a young Prince. One blessed into the world a few years after an older sibling. Both Alicorns. One Light. One Dark. One as bright as the sun. One as stunning as the moon. Both....important figures in history to come. "It was a mistake to assume I could do this. Lack of training and understanding is the reason for my failure. At this rate? I'll have nothing to show for my magic I was born with....." A troublesome worry escaped the lips of the Prince. His blue coat and mane, filling the room with a cool color.
"Hahahah....." An angelic sound filled the room. The sound of laughter. Laughter as soothing as a still river. The sweetest of music to ones ears. Pure joy and happiness that anypony would die to achieve in life. Such a sound surrounded the Prince, only for him to look towards the source. Annoyed and a bit pouty. "My precious child, you are so much like him. Each day you grow. Strive to achieve. Learn to adapt. You are surely HIS son. Even that annoyed glance given towards me is a reminder of him." A compliment shot towards the young Prince as he stood there in annoyance. Not towards the one giving out sweet words. No, annoyance towards himself. Or rather...annoyance towards being told he's just like HIM. The compliments came from a place in the room. A large bed, one made to fit two, though currently only one. A mare Alicorn. Coat white as snow like Angel wings. A mane that flowed with elegance, colors as bright as the sun. A face of beauty and purity. The only flaw visible being the tired eyes and slight cough escaping her lips. Yet her eyes were full of life. Life and love.
"Being like HIM isn't something I would like to hear right now, Mother....." Spoke the Young Prince with sigh, sitting down bed side to the mare. "All this is HIS fault anyways. I'd be leagues into Brothers magical capabilities if HE took time with me like HE does with him. HE shows brother more concern. Always has." The Prince couldn't help but scoff. It wasn't his fault. Nothing was ever his fault. "The only reason I'm still attempting to practice this magic is because you believe in me. This magic HE gave me. It's HIS magic too. Yet, He rather focus on Brother. Why did Brother have to be born with your magic? Why not both of us? At least your magic is full of life...."
"All magic is full of life, Artemis." Spoke the mare in a soft tone, giving time to let her own son vent. She found it therapeutic. Emotions should never be bottled up in her eyes. Regardless if she agreed with his statements or not. "I think you're being too harsh towards your Father, Artemis. You and him have always clashed heads. And that's only because you both are stubborn and pride driven. These aren't terrible traits, but they aren't exactly flattering. Your Father has always been a difficult stallion to read. Even harder stallion to get emotion out off. It's just how he is. Because he shows attention towards Solaris, doesn't take away his care he has towards you. Solaris is older then you. That means Solaris is the leading stallion in Ruling Responsibilities. You're only sixteen Artemis. You have thousands of years ahead of you. Thousands of years with your Father, Brother, and myself. You aren't being left behind. You'll have moments to shine. To improve on things you want to improve on. Give it time. Give your Father time."
"He hates my magic......" Replied the Prince with a soft voice. Soft, yet upset. His emotions trying not to pour out too much, but the irritation was critical. "I'm not naïve towards this, Mother. He hates that I inherited his magic. He thinks I'm dangerous. Because I have his magic. He doesn't trust me with this magic. My own talent. By Birth! How am I suppose to accept that?! That my own Father looks at me as a liability! Not as his son! No! He looks at me as being nothing more then a problem..."
"THAT'S ENOUGH!!!" A yell. A yell loud and serious. A tone sharp and upset. So intense that it sealed the lips of the young Prince. "You will not keep going on like this. Thinking ill of your own Father. I won't stand for such arrogance, Artemis. Your Father loves you just as much as he loves Solaris. He may have harsh ways of showing it, but don't think you can speak ill things towards a Father that works hard for the Kingdom. The Kingdom Solaris as well as you will be inheriting! As equals! Not one better then the other! Get your head out your judgement, Son. Instead of complaining about what you haven't been given? Work towards taking what you haven't been giving. Sitting around. Whining of things you feel you deserve? Will only result in you sitting in have to *cough....cough...cough*" Coughs. Sickly coughs filled the room, breaking apart the lecture being given. Cough showing signs of severe illness. So interrupting were the coughs, the mare decided to end her point.
The Prince seemed to only sit in silence for a bit. Worried and guilty of causing his Mother the coughing fit. Yet his silence would be broken by a hoof patting his shoulder. Her hoof. Reassuring him that it wasn't his fault. "You've been sick for two weeks now Mother......The Magicians haven't figured out what's happened?" He asked, choosing to stir away from their previous topic.
"They haven't find out what's causing it. Alicorns normally don't get such illnesses unless it's the common cold. So finding the reason behind my bedridden self? It might take some time." She explained, gently smiling at her son's show of worry. "Hey now....let's not get worked up over this. I'll be back on my hooves in no time at all. Once I am? I'll be sure to spend some time with you and your Brother, okay? After all....we got a long life. All of us four. Together."
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