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Alder Pinedrake
by on May 11, 2023
{Very short!}
Like cats, Mituna has their "special abilities" as well. Like seeing in the dark, climbing, jumping high, "nine lives," etc.
He can get very very VERY jealous. If he feels like he isn't getting his attention he'll meow loudly until he receives it.
Mituna is very impatient.
So Mituna's backstory starts when his parents died, he moved in with his grandma. She helped him learn more about being a caretaker and healing others.
Since he's basically still a kitten but not really he still has a very innocent, childish, and playful energy. He loves talking a lot
Mituna can be somewhat possessive since his grandma didn't teach him to share. So if he likes something he will either try hiding it, biting it, or even hogging the attention of the person or item.
Mituna loves cooking for others and hates getting his fur brushed out but loves baths. He can be really silly over small things and dramatic over big things.
Mituna is easily entertained by food, movies, or watching his favorite person doing boring or fun things.
That's all for today!
{And in general)
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