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by on September 18, 2022
The two sat side by side, watching the rain fall just outside the window. It was peaceful then, something about the silence within this old wooden house kept her at ease, or it was simply his presence. A lot has changed since they first met, but this calm and nearly depressed aura that came from the Velgran has remained the same. That and his hatred towards her. She knew that he hated her with every fiber of his being, and she loved him for it, for she too felt the same about herself.
As her mind wanders on its own, deeper and deeper still into self-deprecating thoughts, she slowly leans in and rests against his side. But then, something happened. He didn't shove her away. He didn't get up from the couch and wandered off into the darkness of the unlit room as he usually did. He remained still, eyes still focused upon the window. She frowned in confusion, looking up at her old friend and enemy. What is it that has changed?
She glares for long seconds, looking for answers within those pale blue eyes, but receives none. She was so used to only having to read anger or disgust in his expression, that this empty look felt uncanny and out of place. Her violet eyes eventually move away and she stares at the floor before them. Just as she thought that the charade could not become more confusing, she suddenly felt one of his forelegs wrapping around her and resting on her shoulder.
"What are you doing?" She finally asked with a hiss, her rough and low voice breaking the silence inside the dark room.
"I am trying to protect you." His answer came, clear and sound as though it were obvious, his expression never changing and his gaze never moving.
"From who?" A more predominant frown fell upon her sharp features, her eyes wandering back to focus on his face.
"From yourself." As those words left his mouth, Adeena could feel her heart shatter into pieces, which then proceeded to melt on their own. She grasped at her chest, but remained otherwise still, falling into silence once more.
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