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Queen Lesa
by on October 24, 2023
//Warning may contain some violence, but will try to keep it on the downside. Disclaimer what happens here is a dream not reality. Plus, I'm not the best at acting out other characters apart from my own.//
What started off as a typical day in Canterlot's Castle soon broke into complete chaos! Whatever was going on wasn't good. In fact, The Queen had ordered everyone to evacuate immediately, but where was her husband... and the guards? Most of the guards had been taken care of, but why? Turns out they had lost their minds to somebody else who was giving them orders, but those orders didn't come from the Queen... no they came from her husband! But her husband was no more somebody else was now in full control over her husband's body, mind and power. That somebody was the annoying voice that had been trapped inside the King's head ever since defeating Somber in the dark world. Somber now had full control over Artemis's body and all that stood in his way now was Queen Lesa herself and she was already exhausted after dealing with the corrupted Lunars. "Well, well, well~ I must say babe. I'm actually quite impressed you made it this far, and I don't get impressed easily. Come and join me and we can rule over this world together! Nobody would dare stand in our way! Nobody would dare question our power~ c'mon what do you say?" As he asked her this question he had a twisted smile on his face. "Never! Give me back my real husband you monster." The Queen yelled preparing herself because Somber didn't quite like her answer. "Tsk, tsk. Such a waste. Don't worry you'll be joining him soon~" Another epic battle broke out between him and Lesa. She was doing quite well in the battle until he played dirty... mainly speaking to her by using Arty's voice... seeing the opportunity he had created he blasted her with a powerful ray of dark magic which caused her to go flying crashing through the heavy glass the impact was so strong that it broke both of her wings... grabbing hold of what she could she was now hanging off the balcony at quite a height, but it wasn't over yet as she tried to pull herself up Somber was standing above her with a wicked smile on his face. "What do they say again? Ah yes~ long live the Queen." And just like that, he kicked her off... and as Lesa fell straight down at a fast rate...... she awoke! Thank goodness it was only a dream, but it was a dream that caused her to go into a complete panic attack, she had difficulty breathing, and her heart was pounding against her chest. This got the attention of the guards outside who came in to assist her taking her to the infirmary.
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Queen Lesa
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