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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
by on June 14, 2022
Did ya know that each of my series had a intro to each one? They weren't animated at the time, but they were a... uhh... story to hear, I guess. Now, many of you guys know there are 4 series in all. However, there are sub-series that are within the past 3 main series that had their own intros! Let's take a dive into them.
Stickman's Adventures (Original)
Theme: ??? (There wasn't really a name behind this song.)
Description: It goes over how Stickman came to be. First the song opens up to Stickman as his former macaw form, waking up to a brand new day. He then flies out of the tree, and it cuts to the maelstrom wars. Stickman then gets sucked into the maelstrom vortex, basically the first episode, but cut down. It then has Stickman turning into what he is now, with Jewel and other friends by his side.
Stickman's Game Jumpers
Theme Song: Game Hopping
Description: This one was a mini-series within the original series. The intro has Stickman, Jewel, and whoever was part of that main cast at the time, hopping into an arcade machine, and going through different game areas. It then ended at a large area within Cyber Track Zone.
Stickman's New Adventures
Theme Song: He's the One
Description: This one came later down the line, as the original intro was still being used, but updated to be modernized with this 2013 series. When The Planet that was Long Forgotten came out, this intro was used. For this intro, It has Stickman, Jewel, and again, whoever was the main cast at the time, at the USF Base. It then had them go through a warped-like tunnel where it took them through the sectors of Stickman's World. It ended on top of a building in Futureopolis, with them jumping toward the camera.
Stickman's Amazing Adventures
Theme Song: We're Gonna Save the World Today
Description: This new intro was one of a kind. It had Stickman, Jewel, Skye, and whoever was in the main cast at the time (Yes again), open up to them aboard the Stickman HQ. It had them pass by various cartoon worlds with clips of episodes featuring the inside of that world. It then ends with them warping into the great unknown.
Stickman's Adventures (2019 reboot)
Theme Song: Remix of We're Gonna Save the World Today
Description: This intro had been updated throughout this current version of the original series. The current version has the main heroes go from Rio De Janeiro, to the Mushroom Kingdom, to Equestria, to Vinyl City, to Adventure Bay, and then end up at Stickman's World, in front of the USF Base. It ends with the main 5 posing heroically in front of the USF Base.
Now, alongside these, there was special intros for specific episodes. Let's dive into these, shall we?
Episodes featuring the Rhythm Thief Force
Theme Song: Looting the Louvre (Stickman's Adventures cover)
Description: This one is really cool. It opens to Phantom S, Flying Samba, Barking Rhythm, Flowing Melody, and Golden Conductor (Stickman, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu, respectively) sneaking around in the dark. It shows each of the Rhythm Thieves, including Phantom R, their mentor. It then ends with a spotlight shining on the 5, Phantom S throwing down a smoke bomb, and it fading to black.
Operation: Final Battle episodes
Theme Song: ??? (There wasn't really a set theme song for any of the operation: Final Battle episodes. So basically it varies on the overall plot of the O:FB in play.)
Description: The intros for each one varies for whatever the overall plot is for the yearly Operation: Final Battle, much like a War of the Fat Italians episode from Smg4 or a Nostalgia Critic Commercial Special episode. For example, if it was Battle for the Past (The 2nd one), it would be on a clock featuring clips from episodes from Stickman's Amazing Adventures. If it was Objective Maelstrom, it's basically wedding-themed. For Sentient Reign, it was running with For Narmer, and had Sentient Reign Stickman (Haven't forgotten about him, don't worry!) avoiding various Sentients before launching a sentient arrow toward the screen. I do have one planned for Operation: Final Battle 7 (2023's O:FB), which is going to be called Cataclysmic Glitch. You can probably guess what this is going to be themed like. (This part of this paragraph will be updated once O:FB 7 passes)
There is probably more i'm not thinking about, but there ya go. If there's anymore of these intros that come to mind, they will go here. Enjoy the read!
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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
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