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Ambient Waves
by on May 15, 2019
This blog really has no value and can be skipped freely, you lose nothing and commenting would just start another drama as always as I seem to be the Queen of that..please if you Do Read don't skim it, give it a proper read instead of bending it's narritive for your own gain. I will block if you have no useful input and just turn this into another fucking drama post.
Even that line there can start is it appears to be all I can do. I would just like to address a few things regarding
1.Behind back talks from others.
2.questions and being to attention myself, mental stable and such issues of privacy, editing posts and such.
4.end off note/apology if everything.
I know there's been backtalks of me behind my back and I kinda deserve it in a way as of recent few rants/posts as one more so my last post was more so filled with a rant that came off more so in a way it shouldn't have and could be worded better, there's really nothing I can say to excuse some of the actions, I was sick with the flu at work having people nonstop ask questions when I wish to be left along prepelling the more abusive language within that post.
You don't have to take that as a excuse, as in the end it was I who hit send instead of keeping it as a draft and waiting for when I felt better about the whole thing and could give it a clear mind/do over and make it a lot less targeted, I would of loved to of edited it and updated but if you post a link it makes it so you can't edit the post, which is a problem in a way, as deleting it doesn't work to the many who already commented on it. This is a issue I wish to address a lot later down about some bugs or kinks that need to be worked out about the site to further improve the site and not its users.
I wish to address a few things, questions and such that have been said to me personally though discord, IM and PM's regarding the post.
You can freely skip this area if you wish unless you are a few spacific ponies who mentioned some of the issues.,As it continues from last night's post that it appears fallout is still happening and people haven't seemed to move past which a lot are trying to. , But this is just me speaking my mind here to answer some of the questions on past thread, that no one listened to cause everyone was caught up in the heat of the moment.
Q. Do I understand time zones?
Yes, I do. Just I am mostly free from my job around 2pm or past when I am able to properly post, there is also a site counter for online users which is very much helpful and allow users to get a grasp of the time of the site when most users are on.
Q. You're overreacting, when it comes down to it it's just that you don't post oftern as you did.
You're right* the past few posts I kinda have been, I may of been over reacting a bit when I mentioned or ranted or such about this. But the reason I started post less and less was more so people didn't really comment on pusts even if I did 2-3 posts a day or more. It started to get me down in a way and such, but as it slowed so did I until it's gotten to the point now where the feeling slowly started to eat me up. Even today I do a post a day still nothing.
Q.Was Neon and You working together or was this targeted to a island.?
No, Neon and I aren't working together, she's been rather critical over the few rants or post or targeted attacks as some call it. I and I along taken the issue to Corona though a PM, also Island? I have Abby blocked and it's been that way for months even ask her, this is purely coincidence that this post just happened to be around the same thing, this post was more so because of Sky and a few other posts I have seen. Neon herself personally thinks that this was because of the post about the island or what ever the hells going on,thid post was my doing only as I had no idea about this island thing first time I heard it was when Neon mentioned it. Still have no clue.what this is.. But Neon either didn't know what it was truly about or Neon tried to twist the narritive in her favour and it seemed to have worked the way they intended.
Q.But you stopped replying to RP's in PM and wall posts.. And that was your downfall.
Sadly,i can't help that. I have a job, Friends and a life I need to live, I try to reply as much as I can but I get eaten up at work from abusive bosses and serving customers.. Hell I shouldn't even be on my phone, I work 13 hour 7 day a week job.. Soo I don't have much free time which I use for games or dinners with friends and family. I am sorry if you can't see that and feel it's person.. It's not, it's either asleep, work or life stopping me even though I try.
Mental health of myself.
Well, it's time for this part. My mental health hasn't exactly been as good as most, as over the past few months I have had no job and barely scraping by, almost lost my apartment, had to spend a lot of rego and such ect.. Life was absolutely shit this and the past year, I have managed to get back a job recently which is why I started attempting to RP again.. But the damage, stress, blood and tears have already taken there toll. I work for a very abusive boss.
Sick, puking, broken bone? Don't care youre working 13 hours a day.
Doctors appointment or dentist even a vacation? Nope you can only work.
Oh hey, you're the only worker who works and is sick? Have 5 pallets you have to unpack in a day...
Should I leave? Yes, can I though? I went 3-4 months without money, car and such.. What if I can't get another job? Am I to go though all that once again?
As you can see, my mental health has been under a lot of stress, highs and super lows. And if I try to RP after coming home or finding some free time... And I get no reply that kinda annoys me, as I can't rp to take the stress away of the day cause no one does.. And it builds and builds non stop to a point of bursting..
Site issues.
It has came to my attention that the ability to edit posts that have links are 100% non exsistant. Which i get is kinda a security measure in a way, as no one can change the link and switch out the link or such. But it feels a bit restrictive in a way if a post contains a link in it to not be able to edit it.
That is mostly the site issue, but I have heard the forums have slight issues which I also think should be fixed.
Privacy of posts on the site.
Privacy is a very nice thing to have, but there is a problem with what happens when you remove a post, link, blog or even if you have Only Me and tag someone. As it more so seems to just remove the post from wall but keeps the link that people can access time after time, to those who previously commented it.
I have also noticed this on a post or two and a blog I made and removed that someone brought up.
End note.
I am sorry for the conflict caused by my actions against myself and the site, my actions I've taken over the past few days haven't exactly. My actions aren't really excusable I know, and my reasons in acting like that having the flu and such isn't a defence or such. I am sorry for everything this is not a way to dodge anything I am 100% responsible for actions and the consequences against me for the actions
Please if you wish to comment, have something useful to say. As I said, I will instantly block you and call for your comment to be removed.
I'm a side note... A way to disable comments would be nice on blogs or posts
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Silver Shield
Well I don't see myself as really involved in all of this, but I can say this significantly raises my opinion of you, if that matters in any way. c:
Ambient Waves
Hopefully in a up arrow direction
Stardusk Strider
I feel like you need to step back and steer your life more into the straight and narrow. Rp is a commitment since you need another to cooperate with. You should do a hobby which doesn't need cooperation of others, there you meaning you can start and stop at your own pace (like single player video ga...View More
Ambient Waves
Trust me, this I know for a fact. I mentioned this in a post yesterday when I said I want to leave the site. That I need to clear my mental health, detach myself from the site and recover in general. No one else seems to have a problem with slow replies on some sites just here which is also kinda ea...View More
Stardusk Strider
You need to stop weighing your personal achievement on if people reply to your post. It's going to harm you in the long run, because it shows you running on a dependence from others in order to find a happiness. It's crucial to find yourself and build an independence in where such petty things like ...View More
Ambient Waves
Would you be more claifying on that please? Cause, I am curious on this. As I don't fully understand. I have awknowlage most of this I believe in the post above, and I am also wondering what you mean about weighing personal achievement?
I think Stardust means don't get offended if people don't always acknowledge you. Life isn't a popularity contest and nobody should be judging anyone else even if it was. Your 'achievements' shouldn't be based on people noticing you but rather you noticing yourself, if that makes sense.
Ambient Waves
Ahh, thank you Sasha and star, I do agree with this feedback, I am not the best at interpreting things from time to time.
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Will miss you Ambi :sob: but take the time to get yourself back on track
Ambient Waves
I will miss some people too, except 7 people in general :/ but of cause I will get myself back on track, cya when/if i return.
Commander Wyatt Ryder
When you get back, we can RP if you want
Ambient Waves
Perhaps, we will see. depends, I can't no-life this site like a few i know. so even on return there might be a few days to a month to reply.
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Meh, happens. I'm often on a computer writing reports which is why it seems like I'm always on XP
Hope you make a good recovery ambient, i too take my leave for a while
Ambient Waves
Don't worry, I will do my best at this. also best of luck in your time away as well, hope we meet on EEA or such.
Take care manytails.
Ambient Waves
Thanks, take care as well.
Ambient Waves
With that said, I'll bump this peak hour so people know why I'm gone and such. If anyone wishes to contact me or talk or such can contact me at the following places Discord: Ambient Waves#6020 Other RP sites: RL, EEA ect Steam: ╲⎝⧹Ambient Waves⧸⎠╱ (You literally can't miss it...) Or CA for a bit, ...View More