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by on May 15, 2019
This blog really has no value and can be skipped freely, you lose nothing and commenting would just start another drama as always as I seem to be the Queen of that..please if you Do Read don't skim it, give it a proper read instead of bending it's narritive for your own gain. I will block if you have no useful input and just turn this into another fucking drama post. Even that line there can start is it appears to be all I can do. I would just like to address a few things regarding 1.Behi...
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by on December 12, 2018
((Written in perspective of Zain)) I figured I'd start jotting down what I'd like to call my inner thoughts. There wasn't much reason to have this besides the urge to get whatever I had on my mind out of the way. Whatever there is to write down I suppose. Well. Here it goes. I miss some of my old loves. One's name was Skyra. Not who some might be thinking of, she wasn't really a big name around despite being of royal blood. She was a doe, which is an odd thing for a pegasus to fall in love...
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