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by on May 15, 2019
Chapter one - Ambassador
The big wooden doors of a modern looking room slowly opened. The bright white of the walls couldn’t hide the fact that the embassy was inside an probably thousands of years old castle. A small man wearing a black suit walked in. Abakan knew this guy. Vladimir Stutschkin, the former mayor of Moscow. A guy that was known to play for both sides of the law. It was weird seeing him here and it was even more disturbing for him that from everyone that could have gotten the job of ambassador to Equestria, this asshole was chosen.
The big soldier jumped up and saluted the new ambassador. “Sir” he almost screamed it out. Stutschkin simply walked past the big soldier and sat down on his luxury leather chair. “Sit down Mayor, we have a lot to talk about” Abakan slowly lowered his arm and sat down. Letting a soft sigh out as he relaxed in the comfortable chair. “You know why you are here?” Stutschkin pulled a bottle of whisky out from a drawer and made himself a drink. “Well sir” Abakan spoke up “I looked into the documents the FSB gave me.” *he looked down and thought for a few seconds before looking back up to the ambassador. “Sir, I find it worrying that we are planning to attack those ponies. Their Army is ill equipped and even with just a few units we could easily take their armed forces down. But is it really worth that?” *Abakan pulled a second smoke out and lit it up. He puffed out another cloud of grey smoke. “Do we really want to start a war with a nation that is completely friendly towards us?” Stutschkin seemed unimpressed by the high decorated mayor in front of him “Mayor, since when did you start questioning your orders?” a small chuckle left the ambassadors mouth as he slowly got up. “Face the reality Abakan, we don’t know much about them and it could be that they are already planning the same. The only thing we know so far is that they have large untouched areas filled with resources and that their army is weak as shit.” He turned to the window and looked out over the city. It was Canterlot. “It’s time that you stop thinking about the Moral of this upcoming war and accept that we have to secure the future of our country. No matter what it costs.” *he chuged his drink and turned around “get your troops into the embassy and start training. As long as you don’t hear anything from me try to stay undetected and find out some more things about this world and the government of Equestria. Find their weaknesses and strengths. We can’t take any risk in this.” *now even Stutschkin sighed* “either we win or we lose it all. Make it count Yuri” Abakan looked at Stutschkin and got up “you know me, Vladimir. I never lose” *Abakan turned around and made his way through the open wooden doors. Looking back one more time at an old friend and old enemy*
Abakan walked through the diplomatic wing of the castle. He made his way past the reception and two military police guards. At the entrance one of his soldiers waited for him. The Soldier was his old friend Verba, he changed his focus from the long haired blonde at the reception desk to Abakan. “So, what’s new?” *he looked at Abakan. Verba was a bit smaller than Abakan. He had short shaved blonde hair. He wore the same uniform as Abakan. “We are going to move into the embassy. Train here and try to get some more information” *Abakan looked at Verba* “and don’t even think about the receptionist. Focus on your work” *Verba jokingly saluted* “I’ll try my best sir!” Abakan just shook his head. Verba might be a little childish time to time but in his core he was still one of Abakan’s best soldiers. “Get the others and meet me in the meeting room. We are going to set up our equipment there.” *Verba nodded and walked out of the embassy towards the city center*
Chapter 2 – Enemy’s and Friends
Abakan was clearing the new assault rifle he got. The Russian ministry of defence was, again, throwing their most modern equipment at his unit after their success in Kazakhstan. He sat the different and cleaned parts of his gun down and assembled them back together. He leans back and looked at his whole equipment that was spread out on the ground. Every possibly kind of personal firearm laid in front of him. He sighed as he had to think about the ponies in this world that might die from the guns he and the other humans brought here.
After he finished clearing and sorting his gear he made his way over to his makeshift office. He opened the glass door to a conference door and looked inside. The room that held meetings was changed into a makeshift operations base. The room was filled with pin boards and two white boards. A few tables with computers were spread throughout the room. In the back was a small meeting area with a projector and a few foldable chairs. He walked up to his desk and sat down. Abakan started doing some paperwork, a few minutes into his work a letter appeared out of thin air. It slowly landed on his keyboard. “Oh, what is this now?” *he grabs the letter and opens it.
“Dear Mayor Abakan
I was informed about your arrival in the embassy and I want to meet you and improve the relation between citizens of Equestria and Russia.
I will be in my throne Room for the day.
Princes Celestia”
Abakan blinked. He laid the letter down and went through some papers on his desk until he found a folder called “PC” he opened it. On the first page of what seemed to be a report, was a picture of Celestia and some basics information’s about her. He read through the information’s the FSB had collected on the head of the equestrian government. He was impressed by her capabilities. He went through the folder in no time. Two hours later he had written his own report on Equestria. It was impressive how peaceful this world was. The equestrian government had almost full support of the whole equestrian population. It agricultural complex was not as effective as the systems the humans had implemented in Abakan’s world but here they had control of almost everything. Every harvest was perfect. As far as the information he received pegasi were able to control the weather and the princesses Luna and Celestia were capable of controlling the moon and the sun. He closed his report and got up. He picked up his holster he had placed on his desk and put it around his waist.
Soon after he found himself starring down two guards in front of the big door of the throne room. He found it very interesting that every soldier in the equestrian military was similar equipped as the guards. Some sort of steel armor and helmet, possible copper or even gold. Their weapons were inferior to what he brought with him. Each guard had a big spear. Abakan could only smirk. “The princess…..” as he was about to tell the guards about his meeting with the princess, the big door opened slowly. As the door opened he gazed upon a white alicorn with a flowing mane. He took the sight in for a few moments before the princess raised her voice* “you may approach Major” *Yuri slowly walked in and looked around, the throne room was massive. The windows reminded him of old churches he had visited in Germany. He stopped a few meters away from the princess and looked up at her. The princess wasn’t much taller than him but her position gave her a slight height advantage. “So princess why you wanted to see me? I’m just a humble soldier tasked with protecting the embassy” Celestia got up and made her way down the throne. Now being on the same level of Abakan* “I was told by the ambassador that you are one of the best warrior Russia has to offer. I wanted to meet this warrior that I was told about. Oh and I’m sure there won’t be no need for you to protect the embassy. Equestria is one of the safest places in this world.” *Abakan looked at her for a few seconds and chuckled* “with all respect princess, I don’t have much trust in what your military and guard as to offer and I am sure that there are some people in this world that will seek harm towards me and my comrades” *he looked into her eyes* “I don’t need your security,”
*he sighs and looks at her* “this world is far too friendly for what I’m used too.” The princess looked into his eyes. Her eyes were filled with trust, tolerance and love. It made Abakan feel weird. “Major, I don’t want to tell you anything about your work and let me assure you that equestrian seeks to find itself in a friendly bond with Russia.” *Abakan’s heart jumped as he realized that this world, this pony in front of him, accepted him quicker than any human could. He wasn’t confronted with any kind of judgment. These ponies simply had no idea what the human race was and is. A destructive force that is more than capable of destroying this new and beautiful world that wasn’t drenched in pain, hatred and war and he was part of it. Just a few hours ago he was told to work out plans to take over the government and now he was standing in front of their princess lying his ass off. “Thank you for inviting me here but I have to go now” he quickly turned around and walked out as fast as he could.
The Major slammed close the door of the toilet stall and sat down on the toilet. Putting his hands onto his head.* “fuck!” *he was being ripped apart between the two worlds he knew. The one was his home world. A place destroyed by human greed. The other was a friendly and tolerant world that was untouched of big wars and genocides. No racism and no hatred. He had to make a choice. Safe this world and let his own suffer and slowly die or safe his world and let this new world get completely destroyed by the humans. He pulled out his pack of cigarettes and pulled one out. Lighting it. He had reached a position he never wanted to be in. No matter what choice he made. It would mean that a lot of ponies or people would die. To be continued………
Chapter 3 – The Day the clouds turned Black
Abakan looked over the city of equestrian from a nearby hill. Next to him laid Verba. He was looking through a laser designation and aimed it at the throne room. As far as Abakan knew Celestia was in it at the moment and made for an easy target. Abakan was sweating, he was nervous and worried. He felt weird those feeling that overcame him were well known but something was different. It felt to him that he was guilty of what was happening. But he couldn’t change anything now, he had made his decision.
The decision he took was the one to create an offensive plan against Equestria. A strike to take out Equestrias military capacity’s so that Russia could easily take over all of the natural resources in this world so it could continue its war efforts in his home world. He had taken every possibility in account while developing the plan. It was perfectly adapted to the equestrian world. He faced a lot of problems. His military had many systems that wouldn’t work here. GPS was not capable of working due to the lack of orbital satellites. Also he had to counter the big number of pegasi in the equestrian airfoce and their advantage of not having a big enough heat source to be able to get tracked by heat seeking missiles. All the systems that the Russian army prepared for this operation had been modified to work here. Shoulder launched anti air missiles had been adapted to use very small radar systems to track their targets. Abakan snapped out of his thoughts as the radio popped to life. “Falcon 1 do you copy?” Abakan grabs the radio “Falcon 1 is on position, over” the radio answered. “Strike eta 30 seconds, over and out” Abakan laid the radio down and sighs. Now it was too late to change anything. The missiles, bombs and cuisse missiles had been launched from hidden positions all over Equestria that had been build up in the last few months Abakan was stationed here. Multiple bangs could be heard as missiles that passed overhead the two broke the sound barrier. A few seconds later multiple explosions appeared all over the castle and the cities military infrastructures. Just a minute after the first explosions many other followed as bombs dropped by attack aircraft and bombers hit their targets. Verba watched amazed, Abakan watched in terror. It felt wrong…no... It was wrong. He turned away and starts packing his stuff. “Okay Verba, let’s get out of her.” Verba slowly got up and stuffed the laser designator back into a pouch strapped to his leg. “But we going to miss the fireworks” Abakan looked at him. His eyes were empty. “There is nothing to miss; now keep quiet and pack up your equipment. I don’t want to be here when the Airborne comes rolling through here.
Abakan and Verba made their way through a small forest as heavy gunfire picked up in the distance followed by many small explosions. Overhead they could hear heavy cargo planes fly over. Abakan looked at his watch. “7am, the Airborne is as punctual as usual” Verba chuckled and kept following his leader. “So how you think this all will play out” Verba looked around and back at Abakan. “Well I hope I’ll be sipping on some cold beer on the beaches of Crimea in a few days. That’s how it should play out.” They reached the end of the forest as it opened up into a beautiful view of corn fields. They heared the corn rustle in front of them. Both soldiers instinctively pulled up their assault rifles and aimed at the moving corn. It slowly got closer until a royal guard stumbled out. His helmet missing. His armor ripped at a side, slowly dripping blood over the dirt. His blue eyes quickly moved onto the both humans in front of him. His eyes filled with, fear, terror and pain. “Please no!” he dropped to the ground and put his hooves in front of his face. Abakan looked at the pony, looking at his wounds. Most of them came from shrapnel but he had a gunshot wound on his left flank. “Major, what are we doing now? I mean are we even taking prisoners?”. Abakan looked at Verba “let him here. We don’t have any use for him and if you shoot him you waist a bullet for later that you might still need. Abakan lowered his rifle and walked towards the guard and stopped next to him and leaned down to the stallion’s ear. “If you don’t want to die, keep running and don’t stop. Get as far away from big cities as possible until the explosions die down.” He gives the stallion a clap on his back and keeps walking “good luck out there” Verba stood there and watched. Verba watched the pony tumble off into the forest. He kept looking at the forest before turning to his leader. He watched Abakan slowly walk through the high corn. He smiles and follows close behind him. Above them planes, helicopters and drones filled the sky. Black smoke filled the air and turned the clouds to a black that could only be described as death and horror.
Chapter 4 –A new World
Abakan slowly lowered himself into the leather chair inside his new office. On his shoulder a new rank He had been promoted. On his chest a new star. The Campaign he had developed for the Russian army was a complete success; through the huge amount of natural resources that had been found and collected in equestrian the Russian federation was one of the only big world powers that were able to survive the chaos on earth. Abakan was now the head director of military units and missions inside district 1. District 1 was the area that the Russian troops managed to occupy and control after the first attacks. It was equestrian and included some of the northern territories at the borders of Equestria. Abakan could be happy but he was not. All the promotions and the new job didn’t seem to make him happy. It was the whole situation he didn’t like. Equestria had been spared from a high civilian death toll but the numbers of dead or injured soldiers of equestrian was huge. Everything of that would still be okay for Abakan; he was used to death, but one thing he couldn’t understand. The Ambassador was promoted to President of district one, he established and almost dictator like control over the pony population and forced them to live like second class citizen. Abakan hate on the new president was almost borderless until the presidents send a small “Gift” to Abakan.
Chapter 5 - The Gift
Abakan was exhausted, he hated paperwork. Is new job had a lot of pros but he hated the cons so much more. After another long day in his office he had finally finished most of his formulas and documents. He put out the last cigarette and slowly got out of his leather chair. He took a quick sip from a beer he had hidden under the table and then heads out towards his sleeping quarters. He walked out and into the new rebuild castle. The castle that once houses the mighty princesses of equestrian was now a HQ for the Russian police, armed forces and other security agencies. Abakan made his way down the main corridor of the Castle. The walls now filled with TVs and other screens. Some soldiers and officers standing around talking. Abakan walked past the offices of the FSB, the GRU and the SOBR. He then took a corner to the right and a short walk later he found himself in front of his quarter’s door. He was about to unlock them when he noticed a small note attached to the door knob. “A small Gift for your work – Stutschkin” Abakan rolled his eyes and unlocked the door. He slowly opened the door and walked inside. He didn’t bother to look around for his gift as he started to take his uniform off. He turned to the bed and wanted to throw his combat shirt onto his bed when he just froze. A mare was lain on his bed in a sort of erotic pose and a bow tie on her mane. “Hello Master~ Your Gift has arrived” Abakan was close to losing it. That asshole really had the balls to send him a pony sex slave. He sighs and walks over pulling his blanket over here. “I’m not your master. ‘You going to go back to Stutschkin and tell him that I don’t need something like you” He sits down on the bed and looks at her “I…I have to pleasure you…” she looked down as tears slowly filled her eyes. Abakan was disgusted by what he had brought over this world. He softly put his hand onto her cheek and lifted her head so she would look at her. “Don’t cry. You are going to stay with me, but I am not going to do anything to you. I’m done playing the Master. What we did to your race is wrong…” the mare looked into his eyes. “You not going to hurt me?” he chuckles and pulls his hand away. “No, I am going to protect you, it’s the only right thing I can do” the mare slowly moved towards him and hugged him tight “t-thank you…” Abakan patted her back. He slowly got up and laid her down “now sleep, I think you need it” The mare looked at him one last time before closing her eyes and falling into a deep sleep.
Chapter 6 - A Revolution begins
It now has been 6 month since Russian troops had taken over the control inside of Equestria. Most of the infrastructure that was destroyed in the attacks was repaired; most of the administrative work has stayed inside the controls of the ponies. The population was under control by military police and the FSB, the Russian intelligence service. Abakan had been working effortlessly to keep District 1 as save as possible for Russian soldiers and Russian citizens working in it but he had also tried to give the ponies better conditions to live, he didn’t liked that their were treated as people of second class, but he couldn’t do as much as he wanted for the fear of losing his place in this world. He was afraid someone even more of a Hardliner would take over his positions and make the ponies life even worse than it was at the moment. It would take long for the ponies to accept that someone new was controlling, someone that didn’t see their kind one the same level as their own race. Late at night Abakan was still sitting in his office. A few candles lit up his desk that was covered in reports and files about rebel and terrorist activities inside of the territories of district 1. He sighs, the activities of rebel cells in district 1 was almost none existing. The modern Russian security forces had it easy to find cells and take them out. It reminded Abakan of the operations inside of Dagestan and the Caucasus where rebels cells were almost normal. He closed the folder about a resistance cell inside Canterlot. The door of his office slowly opened as a mare trotted in. The mares name was shadow light, young mare taken from the streets of Canterlot. She was the gift he had received from Stutschkin. She smiled and walked up to his side. She slowly puts a cup with coffee onto his table. “Here Yuri” she looked at his desk and the folders. It was all written in Russian but thanks to the help of Abakan she was able to understand a lot of Russian. “Terrorists… is there any danger for you Yuri?” Abakan looked over at her. “No, we have the problem under control, no one is going to hurt anybody unless I want it to happen” Abakan had started to build up feelings for shadow. She wasn’t just the helpless pony Stutschkin used for his causes, she was more for him. Not only was she a great help in his paperwork but she was also a very good friend after they spend almost every day together. It sure was not easy to keep his relationship up with her, Stutschkin didn’t liked it that he used her as something else than a slave for pleasure. Abakan had fought a long time but managed to get a permit for shadow that allowed her to live with him and allowed her to come with him no matter where he went. He protected her and she gave him her help and some good enjoyable company. Abakan slowly finished his coffee and slowly got up. “Enough work for today” he grabs her front left hoof and starts walking. He looks over at her and smiled, he wanted to see her happy. “What about we go out and go eat something?” shadow looked up at the tall human. “Oh… yes please!” she smiled happily and pressed her side against his while walking. Abakan didn’t mid her needy personality. She loved to hug and cuddle the big soldier that had sworn to protect her and he did everything so she would stay safe. Abakan wasn’t used to have many friends besides his comrades in the military so he welcomed the little mare at his side.
The two make their way down the main hallway of the castle towards the highly secured entrance. Armed guards of the Russian Military Police controlled everyone that wanted to go in and that wanted to get out. The mare just held tighter to his hand as they approached the small checkpoint near the exit that was guarded by two soldiers.
The moment they saw Abakan they saluted and one stepped closer to him. “Permit and cause for leaving” Abakan pulled out his military id and the permit of shadow. He gave two to the Soldier. As the soldier inspected the permit Abakan spoke up answering the soldier question “I’m going out to eat.” The soldier looked at the mare and then at Abakan. He nods and hand Abakan his papers. “Okay, Sir. You can pass” Abakan saluted the two and walked through the small security checkpoint. The mare following close to his side “They always scare me, they seem so unfriendly” the mare looked up at Abakan leaving her comment about the two guards. “Well they are just doing their Jobs. You don’t have to be afraid of them; no one is going to touch you.” She nods and looked ahead. The streets were filled with ponies. Most of them making a wide way around the two. Humans weren’t the most welcomed after what had happened and Abakan could feel that with every day.
They soon reached the food place he had chosen for the two. It was a restaurant that had specialized itself in serving food mainly for humans. He opens the door and steps aside. “Mares first” he grins at shadow. She chuckles “such a gentleman” she walks in Abakan follows her close by. His gaze wanders around the Restaurant. It had a nice old flare to it. The tables were made of heavy dark wood. The walls didn’t have any paint on it, what made the dining room feel comfortable. It reminded him of a Steakhouse he had visited in Germany once. Only a few tables were occupied, some by humans and some by gryphons and one or two ponies. After Abakan went to talk to the waiter the two sat down at a table in the corner of the dining room. Abakan sat down and smiled at shadow. “I’ll bet they have something good for you too.” He looked into the menu, shadow picked hers up. “Hmmm I think so too” the decision what to eat didn’t take the two long as the restaurant had both their favorite meals on the menu. “So shadow, I have some good news.” She looked at him and sipped from her glass water she had ordered. “What is it?” he leans back and smiled wide “I got you the job as secretary for my office, finally you’re official and you going to receive a paycheck as well” the mare almost jumped off her chair “That’s Great!” she smiles wide. Abakan smiled as well, when she was happy Abakan was happy as well.
Abakan leans back in his chair and looks at his empty plate. The same sight was on shadows side; her plate was almost completely clean. “This was great, I never thought human food can taste this good.” Abakan chuckled “always in for a surprise” as Abakan finished his sentence he got thrown of the chair as something exploded in front of the restaurant. His reflexes and training kicked in. He quickly recovered and got up. He looked at shadow; she was laying on the ground and looked up at him, her eyes slowly tearing up. “Yuri” Abakan sighed and pulls his pistol from his holster that was hidden under his officer’s jacket. He pushes the table over and pulls shadow behind it. He looks at her and kisses her forehead softly. “I’ll be back” the mare’s eyes widen as Abakan gets up and looks at the front of the dinner. Masked ponies holding knifes and swords storm into the restaurant taking care of some wounded soldiers on the grounds that were struck by the explosion. Shadow grabs his ankle and looks up at him “Please come back to me” Abakan looks down and into her eyes “I will” he slowly walks towards the intruders and pulls his pistol up. He took the first one into his sight and pulled the trigger back. He fire multiple rounds into the first attackers chest, his lifeless body hits the ground as the rest of the attackers focuses onto the human that killed their fellow fighter.
Shadow closed her eyes. Every time she heared Abakan pistol shoot her body twitched. Her mind was filled with fear, she couldn’t move. After just a few seconds of continues pistol fire silence fills the room. She slowly opened her eyes and looked over the table. Abakan stood in the middle of the room. Just a few meters in front of him laid 5 attackers. Most of them killed through shots into the chest a few had wounds on their head and face. She watched him stand between the rubble and the corpses. “Yuri” she mumbles and puts her hoof onto her chest, she could feel her heart pounding heavy inside her chest. She knew with him at his side she would be able to survive everything, he was the only person that could make her feel safe.
Abakan looks around. He releases the mag from his pistol. It hits the floor and Abakan already slides a new magazine into his pistol. He chambers a round and holsters his pistol. As the situation calms down his mind was quickly filled with one thought “is shadow okay ?” he turns around and looks directly into the eyes of shadow. He slowly walked over to her and pulled her into a tight hug. “Thank Celestia you’re okay” she pulls back and looked at him. Abakan looked back into her eyes. Both suddenly blushed as they stare into each other eyes. Shadow sighs “I know it’s not what you but…. I have too” she leans forward and kisses him. Abakan was overflown by emotions. The first few seconds he didn’t knew what to do until he finally accepted that he had fallen in love. He closed his eyes slowly and deepened the kiss.
Chapter 7 – Love finds a Way
The days since the attack on the restaurant had been chaotic and busy for Abakan. Stutschkin wanted that Abakan searched for the head behind the attack and deliver it onto his desk. It hadn’t been easy for Abakan to find them; their tactics were effective just alone supported by the population. FSB and Russian Military Police have been active inside most of the mayor Equestrian cities but no success was in sight. Abakan had been sitting at his desk for a couple of hours, his mind not getting of what happened at the restaurant with shadow, it came so quickly for him. Abakan looked up from his desk as the wooden door swung open and shadow trotted in. “Hey Yuri” she had a light blush across her face. “Hey shadow, how are you feeling” Abakan asked and smiled as he closed a folder in front of him. Shadow walked to his side and looked up at Abakan. “Let’s say I’m better…” she held onto his hand with her hoof. “Yuri… I want this to work between us...” Abakan held tightly onto her hoof. “Shadow… don’t worry, well find a way, but I can’t allow myself to get into problems with Stutschkin.” He leans down and kisses the mare softly. “go back to our quarters. I still have something’s to get done.” Shadow smiled as she parted from the kiss and looked up at him “ok… just don’t get in trouble” she trotted out and closed the door behind her.
Abakan looked up at the ceiling. In his mouth a cigarette’s, its smoke slowly floating closely above the ground. He had his hand on the head of shadow. Running his fingers through her mane. She was asleep and her face showed happiness. Abakan was happy he could at least be good to her. He had always wondered how ponies would be in bed and if something like this would even be possible. Now he had his answer and he was happy with it. The world around him focused only about one mare and her endless love for him.
Chapter 8 – Sins
Grach was Abakan’s specialist when it came to getting information. He had worked along time in the Russian Police Task Force inside Moscow. He later joined the SOBR Unit. His talent for getting information was further improved when he was invited to work for the Russian Ministry for Internal Affairs, the FSB.
Now he was stationed in Equestria and tasked with finding the enemies of the State. Today he was visiting someone special. He needed to get information about some missing high ranking equestrian officials, that magically disappeared during the Russian invasion and the only place to get those information’s was princess Celestia. She had survived the cruise missile attack on her throne room but was captured by a Russian spec ops unit that had infiltrated the castle. Now she was being held prisoner inside a secret military complex near the crystal empire.
Grach showed his ID to the Military Guard at the door. The Guard nodded and walked over to a console. A few seconds later the heavy vault like doors to Celestia cell opened. The bald human slowly walked inside. The room had no windows. It was 50 meters down in the ground. Protected by a thick layer of concrete. Inside were a wood table and a small bed. On the opposite side of the table was a shelf filled with human and equestrian books. In front of the shelf laid Celestia. She slowly looked up from her book and at Grach. “What gives me the pleasure of you visiting me again?” Grach sat down on her chair and looked at her. “We are still missing some of your generals and it is to the highest wishes of the president that we find them. I’m pretty sure you know what happened to them” she sighs and lays her book on the ground. “I did enough for you. You took my country and killed my ponies. I still make the sun go up and down, but not for you, I’ll do it so my ponies can live a normal life.” Grach smiled and leaned back “oh do what you need to do, we do what we need to do.” His facial expression went from a warm smile to a blank stare. “you will give me the information’s I need” Celestia looked at the human soldier. She got onto her legs and growled at him. “You won’t kill any more of my ponies” Grach rolled his eyes as he looked into one of the few cameras that watched Celestia every day. He waves. Suddenly the vault door opens and four soldiers walked in. Two of them carrying shotguns the other two had Tasers. Celestia slowly stepped back until her flank hit the wall. Her mostly so dominant posture slowly crumbled. The two soldiers tase her. The others start to put cuffs on her legs and some device on her horn. They pulled her out of the cell. Grach walked ahead and opened another windowless steel door. Behind an empty pitch black room, in it a bench, a few towels and water canisters. “Well Celestia, we will talk later.” She gets thrown in. She looks back at Grach, a tear rolling down her cheek. He slams the door shut. Celestia was engulfed in the pitch black room.
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