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by on October 23, 2020
So, this story is a working progress and I would love some feedback! It takes place in an alternate universe, where King Sombra has taken over half of Equestria and a war is raging on. Well, I won't spoil too much, just enjoy the first chapter of this. Chapter One “Be careful out there Cakepop, Colonel Dash is running drills out there, so you stay out of her way!” I remember my mother's familiar voice, comforting me when I was a filly. She was the most relaxing pony I ever had the pleasure...
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by on May 15, 2019
Chapter one - Ambassador The big wooden doors of a modern looking room slowly opened. The bright white of the walls couldn’t hide the fact that the embassy was inside an probably thousands of years old castle. A small man wearing a black suit walked in. Abakan knew this guy. Vladimir Stutschkin, the former mayor of Moscow. A guy that was known to play for both sides of the law. It was weird seeing him here and it was even more disturbing for him that from everyone that could have gotten the job...
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by on March 25, 2019
Moral of War -Teaser to part 1 Abakan sat on a leather chair infront of a heavy wooden table. On it a sign saying „diplomat to equestria“ He gently puffed out a cloud of grey smoke. Abakan was in his camouflaged uniform. He had awaited something elsw than a meeting with the embassador after he was ordered to move to equestria, or how it was called by the goverment district #1.
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Long ago when changelings were just a myth there existed five hives. Of those five hives three remain...this is their story. I will not lie Changelings fascinate me for a personal reason I won't say, their cunning and decisiveness amaze me. It is because of this I have studied them for as long as I have although I'm not an expert. I know of the great hives and I know of the infighting that destroyed two and crowned one queen of all...It is time the public knew, Chrysalis isn't the only threa...
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